March 31, 2015

Hi! Quarter Update

Hi!  I randomly thought that I'll do a quarter update post to break the reviews and hauls that I usually write; about although I'm not a legit writer, and also a little sneak peak with my personal life.

Work has been the highlight of my January because I'm already an official member of the company I work for but gosh I'm still not holding a firm grip with my position but it seems that I'm getting use to all the hoopla of the people around me.

For the first time, I VISITED ENCHANTED KINGDOM!!!! Can you believe that it's only now that I've been to  a legit amusement park?  Thanks to my friend who invited me.  Now I wanted to go to Disneyland and Harry Potter World.

I went to the INCUBUS concert and wow, this is the first time that I am sitting the whole time because the people are all sitting (except for those of course who are in the VIP/Pit area) and I don't want to annoy the people around me (plus I might stumble and fall because I am located in the steep side of the arena).  Happy that the band played Anna Molly!
Another first for me is a Body Massage and I feel so weird about it.  I read/hear people stating that they feel relax after a's the opposite for me...I can't explain why.

Especially now that I'm starting to settle with skincare products that I tried and love, I'm experimenting on make-up review post although I still have to learn a lot~I mean I don't even know what my undertone or the color of foundation that will suit my skin etcetera etcetera.  But I'm trying and I hope that time and experience will help me with this part.  If you are a newbie to make-up then you can join me and share your thoughts too.

With my pictures, I'm using Fotor as my editing tool and as you can see in my recent posts I'm abusing it.  It's easier to use plus it has a feature that helps with the lightening/brightening of my photos which are usually dark (dim witted photos, get it get it? no?).

More Random
I think I'm doing better with my shopping compared to last year and scheduling what I will purchase for a certain month really helps.  For this quarter, I mainly focused on makeup, next it'll be more on skincare and haircare.

That thing in the photo is the most uncomfortable footwear I've ever worn!  I did not only get blister but a cut as well after a mini shopping marathon with my sister.  I think I will just wear it when I don't want to walk barefoot at home.

That's all for this quarter!  I hope you will have a nice summer :)

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