April 6, 2015

3 Favorite Youtubers

I started watching Youtube videos last year and always waste my time with vlogs, series, and tutorials and of course music.  Here are three of my favorite youtubers that makes me excited whenever I see notifications of their videos on my phone.

Claire Marshall, heyclaire
The editing of this lady is just mind blowing.  Her videos are so neat and detailed it's like she have a production crew working  for her.  Her ideas are unique and creative that I always crave for more.  She also explains things that should be explained like in her What I Wore: Sunday Brunch video and her vlogs plus music selection is just so interesting and usually out of ordinary that I would watch till the end.  Love her style, love her makeup, love her apartment~ I love Claire!

Jenn Im, clothesencounters
I actually do not like her at first in her earlier/older videos because she always sticks her tongue out (do not hate me, I also stick my tongue out but not too often) but she's more mature now and how she vlog the snippets of her adventures is just perfect and her outfits are always fun.  I also like her monthly favorites because she features different things like books and music.  Oh I also like the channel of her bestfriend Stephanie, oh that girl can be a model.

Estee Lalonde, essiebutton & essiebuttonvlogs
She's just so quirky and happy to look at especially with her little family~Aslan and Reggie.  I get to see London in her vlogs and hear make-up and skincare items that are not available in my country.  She's a natural talker that I guess when I bump into her, we will still have a nice chat even if I'm awkward and shy person.  She's a lovely Button.


  1. I have heard of Claire and watched Estee's videos. The one new to me is Jenn, will give her channel a look right away. Thanks for the rec!

  2. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. I'm totally addicted to watching youtube too. Ha! I just subscribed to all the youtubers you recommended. They're really cool. Have you ever heard of Michelle Phan. Gabriella Lindley, or Ingrid Nilsen? You should definitely check them out, too. Currently obsessed with their vids. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. Hope you can join.


    1. I know Michelle and Ingrid. Haven't seen Gabriella will check her channel. Thanks Heidi


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