March 22, 2015

Something Thrifted, From Online and Drugstore Haul

I have to pat myself at the back for doing a job well done with regards to shopping and making a haul.  I've been to different online shops browsing at some things that I really like to get but I always ask myself if I really need or even like them and I usually close my browser and my shopping instinct will disappear.  Still got some though that I've been wanting for many months that no matter what I reason to myself, the urge to get them keeps coming back.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is something that stuck in my head for a year or more now eversince I watch Tanya Burr's video followed by Shayne of Queen of All You See's post (plus a ton more mention from the likes of Essie and Amelia).  I never had a concealer but I don't want to gamble so might as well get something that is recommended by this awesome people.  I got the only shade that is available in the counter~Light, I pray that this will work.

I also wanted to get taupe eyeshadow for an everyday makeup use but I can't find any that fits my liking and budget.  I check Fanny Serrano but it's out of the stock in the department store I went and I search online and found the Lorac Pocket PRO Pallette but it consists of three eyeshadows...I only need one, so I stop and will just have to deal with what I currently have in my stash (goodluck to me).

Thank goodness for sisters who share their makeup!  I got all these three for free.  I keep on using on the red Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks and on occasions that I feel the need to get girly, I use the pink one.  I'm still experimenting with the Maybelline Brow Mascara which is surprisingly blending well with the color of my brows, I just need more "getting use to" feel for me to comfortably wear it on a daily basis.

And lastly, THESE...

The gold and white combination is the one to blame for this craziness!  I mean, I even don't know how to use those eye brushes (are they eye brushes?).  I wish to have the Zoeva Classic Face Set but by the time I decided to get it, it's already out of stock in Luxola (why Luxola, why?) so I got this BeautyCosmetics Gold Diana Set instead.  The face brushes are less denser than I expected but man, they are so soft!

I also got the Brushegg hoping that it would stop the torture my brushes experience when I clean them with my bare hands.

I've been good with my shopping, right?

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