March 22, 2015

Remnants of Etude House and Some Brushes

Here are the last pieces of Etude House products that I got and at the same time the brushes that I have before the Ecotools brush set that I got last christmas.   I thought it might be fun to share them, although I don't have much to talk about.

These two I guess were the first real make-up products that I bought.  The Etude House Apricot Stick is a good transitioning product from tinted lip balm to lipstick.  It's like a half tinted lip balm as it's not yet as pigmented as a lipstick but the texture is almost like a lipstick, creamy and no transparency at all from the tube.  I like how the color is so close to my lips; orangey, pinkish, peachy and reddish, is perfect for an everyday no makeup-makeup look~ that it'll just make the color of the lips even plus it gives a little gloss.  This also gives a nice faint flush to my cheeks, a nice way to fake a blushing face without people noticing that you actually put something in there.

Because of it's creamy texture, it can moisturize the lips for hours but can be easily smudge too.  Probably around the 4 hour mark, it will dry leaving some gritty particles on my lips but if I don't eat, drink or lick my lips much, it will leave a faint tint so the grits is not very noticeable.

My attempt to get a define winged liner failed with the Etude House Styling Eye Liner.  This is more for tightlining the eyes or as an eye shadow on stick.  I usually just lightly apply this at the ends of my eyes and smudge it for a slightly smokey effect.  This is also a good tool to practice with eyelining as it can easily be remove and if you wanted a black eye shadow but don't know how to use it (like me) then you can start with this one, it's so creamy and can easily smudge and you can control how much you'll apply (since it's on a stick).

Since there's a time that I've been slightly obsessed with winged eyeliner and with my brows, my sister gave me this Marionnaud Slanted Eyeline & Eyebrows Double Side Brush.  It has the slanted firm but not too harsh and not too thick brush on one side, good for eyelining and making feather strokes for the eyebrows.  And on the other is the spoolee to tame the messy hairs of the brow and I sometimes use it to comb my lases when they seem tangled.

I got the flat top kabuki brush from Landmark...the name starts with a K but I completely forgot.  And I swear that it's way denser and flat than in the below picture, it's just that I am so harsh in washing brushes that it finally shedding after a year of usage.

The flat top kabuki brush is so dense and soft that it gives this almost airbrush effect~clean and even, when I apply my bb cream.  It didn't bleed and shed for a year or more (can't remember when I got this), it's just a week ago that the hairs started to fall when I squeezed it to the max.  This is just around 150 pesos again perfect for those who are starting with make-up (like me) and also for those who do not have enough space for brushes (like me again) because of it's short, chubby handle (it's also easy to grip it).

Sorry if I sound too flat today, I'm just sick and my body is sore and some parts needs a massage.


  1. hi dear where didi you get the wooden letter stamps?

    1. hi got it from an online shop called paper chick can also find these kinds of stamp in divi if you are near the area

  2. Aliw ako palagi with your makeup post. I know you're more a skin care person, but I like how you're transitioning to makeup.


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