March 20, 2015


It's time to eat again and let me take you to a place I discovered after stalking someone on instagram and because it's just near my of workplace.  I chilled in Commune thrice already and of course I'm gonna share what I eat and gulp.

Photos by the way is from my friend except for the last one which is from (check what she ate while in Commune).

Tuna Melt and Bacon Tomato Mozza sandwiches are perfect for slowly filling the tummy while having a laid back chit chat.  My favorite would have to be the Tuna melt as it's not too heavy but not too light too and the pesto, tuna, tomato and cheese on toasted crostini compliments each other~it's a perfect combo.  I'm just okay with the Bacon Tomato Mozza, maybe the bacon and tomato is not the perfect pair.  The sides by the way are good too especially the salad which are random green leaves with some chopped cashew nuts, bits of dried mangos and a dressing that is a bit creamy and has hints of balsamic vinegar.

I also tried the Commune Club which is a triple layer of malunggay wheat bread (mind you, the bread is tasty) with chicken chunks, asparagus, bacon, tomato and lettuce.  This one feels light to eat but filling (unlike with burgers wherein you can feel the grease) chicken is tender and has a little bit of a smokey flavor.  It's hard to eat this one though because the chunks of chicken just keep on falling when I lift my sandwich, maybe Commune should just fillet the chicken for a cleaner eating experience for their customer.  I also tasted a little bit of the Caesar Salad and I have to agree with my friend that it's a bit salty probably because there's just too much salted egg and cheese in just one plate (and the serving is ginormous).

Of course, we have to drink something.  Fresh Orange Juice is a favorite because it's refreshing to drink after a tiring day at the office.  And...

...look how cute these coffee/cocoa art.  I haven't tried any of Commune's coffee (it seems that I go there when caffeine is not needed) and always go for the Hot Chocolate which is just okay: the sweetness is perfect but I wanted it to be more chocolatey and a little bit darker, also the last time I got this it seems it was not well blended and found some chunks of chocolate at the bottom of my mug.  Anyway the latte art make-up for it.  You can request to the barista what art you like but be patient because it takes time, around 20 minutes to make it and it's only available for selected hot drinks.

For dessert, my favorite would have to go to the cups with chocolate sprinkles below (don't know the name) because it's nutty, chocolatey, dense and super moist I wanted to get seconds (or 3 or even 5 more cuppies).  The chocolate cupcake is also good because it's surprisingly moist and not overly sweet.  A bit dissappointed with the apple pie ala mode, it tasted flat or because it was not warm enough when it was served (it nice to have a warm apple pie because it brings out the taste of the cinnamon and apples and if it's a mode, the ice cream will slowly cool down the mouth, well that's my opinion).

photo from

Coffees are affordable, other drinks are priced okay, meals is on the pricey side but based on the sandwiches that I tried it's worth it.  It's a chill out place (also love the interior) with a not so overwhelming menu, added with a little cuteness from their coffee and hot cocoa- COMMUNEPH

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