March 18, 2015

Wishes For 2015

I wish that you and I could wish not just to shooting stars but to all the lights that we can see.  If that happens then all our wish will come true :)  Just reasoning out so that my photo above will make sense (caption is not relatable to this post though).

Shayne of Queen Of All You See tag me to the:

Things To Wish For This 2015

A fashion piece I'd like to have most
A sturdy but still good looking and comfortable brogue shoes.  I don't know when exactly I started obsessing but I just like them because they look classic and can be worn with almost anything be it pants, shorts, skirt or even dress .  I currently have a pair (and also 2 pairs before: one that is just not so comfy and the other one is not sturdy) but because I use it almost on a daily basis, rain or shine, I don't think it will last another half year. 

A beauty product I'd like to have most
I hope this is not limited to make-up because skincare came directly to my mind when I read this in Shayne's post.  There are a lot of skincare products that I like to try including but not limited to Cure Natural Aqua Gel, SK-II Facial Essence Treatment and Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum, but I know that I can't have them this 2015 (budget constraint)  so I'll settle with the ampoule that I praise so much last year which is the Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule.  Luckily the set (together with The First Essence which is said to be a dupe for SK-II) is on sale and I already pre-ordered it (big YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS).

A project I'd like to finish
Project Taba!
I wanted to seriously get fit and be healthy and so started constructing Project Taba which should have started last February but I failed but it's not yet too late to start, right?  The aim of the project is very simple: to get me to the normal level of weight and to have a healthy lifestyle.  There's a time in 2013 that I've tasted being healthy and it felt good~ I'm light, happy and positive about life~I wanted to feel that again and maintain it (never mind if I will not have a Victoria's Secret Angel body hehehe).

A destination I'd like to visit.
Japan.  Disneyland, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Cheery Blossom, Ramen, Motchi, Anime, and Skincare and Makeup Brands I like to try plus Japanese Fashion: it's all in Japan.

I want to wear more of
Basic but chic and classy pieces.  And Comfortable too, I think I'm already at the age where I already knew my style that when a certain person I know would look into... let's say a shirt, she or he will say "Oh that's you" and that scenario happened already a lot of times.

I wanted something structured and basic but my problem right now is that my figure is "weird", not the typical petite type of frame, that it's hard for me to get the clothes that I want and always end up buying something "temporary" or too basic so I hope that with the help of Project Taba, I could be basic but chic and classy.  It sounds boring but whenever I look at Claire Marshall (check her outfits in youtube), I always think rock!

Food I want to eat more of
Like Shayne, Veggies.  I have no problem with vegetables but I'm having a hard time preparing them especially if it's just for a person and they easily rot and most vegetables being sold here are in bundles so I just waste time. 

A new skill to master
Stop procrastinating.  You would probably say "it's that even a skill?" but procrastinating is one of my main problem in life (that's why I haven't started yet with Project Taba).  I always say it's not yet the right time or I don't have all the means yada yada yada... I wanted to stop all the excuses and start taking action.

Now I'm tagging Terri, Rae, Genzel, CJ, Jhanz and YOU.


  1. yay you did the tag! aye i can relate with you on not having a petite body and how hard it is to find clothes that fits me well. i have an hourglass shape. technically i fit well with medium or sometimes even small clothes but since my chest and bum are big most of the times i had to go with large.. which makes me look bigger cause of the excess fabric... if i wear naman fitted clothes i can easily look slutty. one tip that i learned, and that you might also want to do, is to have the clothes altered to your body shape. its more expensive nga lang :( but it widens my options in clothing.
    btw you have good taste! i love claire's style!
    as for eating more veggies and living healthy i totally support that! started making the change last year took awhile before nagka discipline talaga but the difference that you mentioned is very worth it. what i usually do with veggies is i buy lang in large bundles so ill be forced to eat more veggies that meat lol! kasi or else masasayang lang sila :)

    1. it's nice to do it and hoping that at the end of the year this wishes will come true. I have a pear body type so the perfect pants are hard to find. I have a wide shoulder though with a small chest area so I always go with a size larger. ako mismo mag"tatailor" ng damit ko pag di talaga sakto sa size ko since I haven't found someone who can do it for me na makukuha talaga yung gusto ko and yes the ones who professionally do it have expensive the near future though I will give in...I'll really try hard to eat veggies this year and less sweet


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