March 15, 2015

The Best Sleeping Pack is from Laniege

I've been skeptical about this product before because I'm always thinking "how can a very light sleeping mask beats the heavier ones".  Since a sleeping mask should do wonders on the face like nourishing, revitalizing and heavily moisturizing the skin over night, I thought it should be heavy.  Tried some, and my theory seems to be accurate until came Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX.

Texture & Application
The mask is a whip gel cream that is so light it's like a water in a cream form.  I use this at least once a week as recommended.  But when I do not have enough sleep or my skin is very dry than normal, I apply it thrice a week sometimes on consecutive days, sometimes on every other day.  The instruction also said that I can use it whenever my skin feels dry so I don't think there's harm in me applying the mask more than once a week and so far haven't seen any bad effect on my skin.

I apply the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_Ex after my toner and I sleep.  Sometimes when my skin is in a bad shape or needs extra moisture, I apply serum and light moisturizer on top of the sleeping mask.

It soothes and cools my face and just melts in the skin~it's a refreshing experience every time.  Of course the most important thing is the mask's effect, is it any good?  And the answer is a BIG YES!  The morning I wake up, my skin just feel smoother and supple plus it gives this refreshed look even on days when I only have 5 hours of sleep (sometimes even less).  Although it also gives this impression that it doesn't provide much moisture because of the mask's lightness, I feel that the moisturization happens more after the first layer of skin so if you are in a colder weather or place, I recommend to put your moisturizer after this mask.  For me though who is in a tropical country, the moisturization it gives is enough.

It also didn't experienced any outbreak from this mask and still apply it even when I'm experiencing skin asthma or eczema although I heard from someone that she had bumps on her jaw area when she used this mask so better test it first on other parts of your body to know if it's suited for your skin.

Final Thoughts
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX is the best and it changed my outlook towards sleeping pack.  It's light and just brings back the liveliness of my skin in it's very dull moment.  It's pricier compared to other Korean masks in its range (considered in mid range) but it's worth it.  Laneige also have a firming version of this sleeping pack and I can't wait to try it.  I still have to test another sleeping mask which is considered high end in Korea but I'm still betting on Laneige's as the best.


  1. looks very interesting I hope i can find this brand in stores soon :)

  2. What brand is that other one? Thanks so much for giving me your extra tub. Naubos na. Trying the firming one next.

    1. it's from Sulwhasoo. I only got some samples bit the full size os twice the price of Laneige...gusto ko din itry yung firming for prevention. Glad you enjoyed the small tub :)

  3. This looks interesting! I'm using a night cream that I got from Flawless, and so far it's doing okay. :) Nice review, too. Really love how precise and informative you are. Hehe :)

    1. it's really good no wonder it's a favorite among lot of asians plus it's also mentioned by a lot of beauty vloggers. thanks Jhanz, your coment makes me happy


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