May 10, 2015

Never Again: TBS All-in-One BB Cream & A'pieu Pore Cover Balm

There are times that you get excited with a certain product that it hurts so much when it performs below your expectation and swear that would never again use and buy it and the only reason why your keeping it is because of the "just in case" thought.  It'll be in your stash for some time and then one day you will look at it and wonder "why did I even buy and keep you".

It's cleaning time once again and I have to throw makeup that are already expired (it hurts to throw them because it's like throwing money in the garbage, but I have to because it's not healthy for my skin) and make peace with the items I swore almost to death (I'm exaggerated, I know).

Let's start with The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream.
This one hurts me so much because it's the first "legit" and pricey (although many consider it drugstore and cheap)  bb cream that I bought.  Most of the bb creams that I tried are sample deluxe or in sachets so the All-In_One BB Cream signifies my being "dalaga" when it comes to makeup.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB cream is a color adapting cream that looks natural on the skin.  I swatched the 01 in store and it perfectly matched my skintone though I should have wondered and questioned why there are shades to choose from where in the first place it should "adapt" to one's skintone.  Anyway I still bought it, use it and happy with the result (because it's not too obvious that I'm wearing a bb cream) while at home.  Took the bus, walked around three blocks under the sun with minimal shade from the trees and when I went to the comfort room, my face look almost a shade darker~ I instantly have a tan.  I still gave it some more try because I thought I'm just applying too much or applying it the wrong way but the results are the same.  So I gave it a rest and thought maybe this will be perfect for summer since it can fake a tan.
So come summer, I gave this bb cream another shot to redeem itself but there's another problem~it makes my skin look oily and as the day progress, I can feel the heaviness and oiliness of it dawning my face and the result is the same even if I wear a primer underneath or pat something over it just to make it last the whole day but it failed me...IT FAILED ME BIGTIME.

I'm sorry The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream but I hate you because:
-you are not a real bb cream, you are a tinted moisturizer with sheer coverage
-you sometimes have this watery substance that I can't explain where it came from (I always forget to heavily shake it before I use it)
-your colour adapting capability failed me
-you make my face look oily
-you smudge easily
-I can't justify your price, I should have just gotten a mid or high-end range korean bb cream

Seems like this is a hate post and I'm afraid that this will be a 2 part series so bare with me or stop reading if you don't like these kind of posts.  Let's go to the next product form A'pieu.

A'pieu Magic Pore Cover Balm is a primer in a balm form.  It weird me out the first time that I applied this on my skin because it's really balmy but when smoothen out, it'll turn into something satin~powdery and as you can see in my swatch above it made the back of my hand smoother.  I usually applied it with my fingers because the sponge is more troublesome to use.

Now the problem is the pore balm seem to just sit on top but will not not fill the gaps of my skin and so if I apply something on top of it like bb cream or foundation, it will look uneven.  Also, this is a mismatch product with my dry skintype because it makes my skin a little drier and makes any type of bb cream or foundation look dry and cakey.

I wouldn't trash talk this product because in the first place, it doesn't match my skintype and unfortunately, I didn't have any chance to swatch it because I bought it online. The smell is flowery, sometimes I'm okay with it sometimes it smells like a hair balm to me. Anyway, I think this is more for those with oily or combination skintype who wanted to have a primer with an almost satin-powdery finish.

This post is a bit tiresome to read so thank you if you made it this far.  I'll have another post like this next weekend so I hope you'll comeback to my blog and read what I have to say.


  1. Awwww no too bad!!! I thought the Apieu would be a nice product to try. I'll have to search more reviews. Thanks!

    1. there are a lot of gals who loves it but it didn't work out with my skin type, too bad. Welcome CJ and thanks for visiting

  2. ay yes i hate throwing out unused makeup too, i feel like sayang sa moneyz so id rather keep them in ablogsale just in case it works for someone else. at least that way the product becomes useful for someone else. most of TBS makeup products dont work for me either ^^

    1. I wanted to sell it too but I don't have enough that might interest anyone (sayang ang shipping fee) good thing my friends are willing to have some my stuff. Me too, I'm okay with their body care but never theur makeup huhu

  3. I appreciate this type of post. If everyone wrote only about products they like, why do we do this beauty blogging thing? Imagine if I tried looking for reviews of a particular product and all I see are posts by people who liked it. Where's the value in that?

    1. thanks Rae. this kind of post are usually hated by many but the reason why I'm blogging is to tell any reader out there what I experienced with a certain product, sometimes my sister tells me I'm too brutal


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