May 14, 2015

Skincare Centered Haul for You All

Cosmetics sale is everywhere and I participated in some like the annual nivea sale where everything is half the price and I also got some other stuff like a weird looking brush and foot soak.  I also took advantage of some korean skincare products because some of them are on a great deal.

Here are some of the things I accumulated that I bought online.  Let's start with what I got from Bhappywithme Ebay.  By the way photos are by Louis of Louis Delos Angeles Photography, I edited them though :)

I've been eyeing the OST Vitamin C Serum but I couldn't find a Philippine based online seller who can "procure" it for me and so when I saw the C20 (which is the new name of OST) Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 crema (Php799, around $18), I immediately put it in my ebay cart.  Dull skin is one of my problem so I hope the vitamin c in this cream can solve my mini dilemma.

Still from Bhappywithme, I also got the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist (Php200, around $4.5) which has been a favorite to many skincare addicts enthusiast.  I initially plan to used this just as a final step to my base  makeup but it's so refreshing that I just spray this on my face whenever I feel like it.

I love my Biore Water Essence with SPF 50 but I couldn't just wear it alone, I need to apply another product to fully entertain the need of my skin for moisture so I got the A'pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream (Php300, around $6.70) hoping that it can perform like the IOPE that I have before (which I cannot have to afford the full size).

And if you follow me on Instagram and saw an overload of freebies picture, well that's because I
ordered the Missha Time Revolution Best Seller Special Gift Set (around Php2100, $47).  I got it at 50% off which for me is a really great deal from Sae Sil Parknshop.  I just recently read her How to Order and found out that you'll get 5% off if you have been referred by someone so if you are going to pre-order from her, just let her know that I referred you so you'll get the 5% off and I think I'm also getting something, not sure what though but 5% is still a 5% discount   oops correction, I'm the one who will have the 5%, so if you wanted to show some support then let Sae Sil know that I referred you ^^

You can read here how much I love the Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule so I'm very keen on trying out the reformulated slash better version of it.  Missha decided to add "Borabit" and "Intensive" to their best seller products so their customers can have a tongue twister moment haha.  The mini versions are freebies that I'm happy to have since they are great for travelling.

Lately, I've been hoarding less but noticed that I "invest" on products that already worked for me...are you like that too?  Are we on the same boat?

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