June 17, 2015

Human♥Nature Overnight Elixir and 100% Natural Moisturizer

I got the Human♥Nature  100% Natural Night Moisturizer because it's so cheap.  It's  Php149 (around $3.50) for 50ml and it has jojoba which is said to be the the most similar to human skin oil and plant collagen which makes the skin looking plump and youthful.

The Overnight Elixir is an impulse buy.  I like to try the Rosehip oil but looking into the ingredients of the Overnight Elixir, I think it's better plus just hearing the "Elixir"word makes me want to have it even more.  By the way, I tried the Rosehip Oil (my sister has one) and I kind of hate how heavy the oil is plus it's smells like a cooking oil.

Even though everyone have good reviews in the site, I still kept my expectation low with the Human♥Nature 100% Natural Moisturizer and I'm glad I did because I am so surprise with the result- I can't believe it's cheap.  Aside from the price, here are three major reasons why I like it:

First is that it's fluidy and has an essence like consistency and texture that my skin absorbs it real quick.
Second is it's moisturizing not only the top of my skin but deep within as well.  While this moisturizer sinks into my skin quickly, it still leaves this thin-light and non greasy layer of oil that kinda coats the top layer of the skin making it bouncy.

Lastly, I never had allergic reaction with this moisturizer-no redness, no small bumps and zits.

Human♥Nature Overnight Elixir says "Awaken to visibly and radiantly softer and luminous skin even on the very first morning after use"so I anticipated that this will be like a "wonder oil", how I wish I also keep my expectation low because this one is more of like a universal all wherein I really can't pin point what it does.

Yes, it did make my skin softer but my moisturizer can do better.  Yes, it did make my skin luminous but not on the very first morning~it took a week before I can see some luminosity but then again my ampoule/serum can do better.

This oil is like running for the top spot but when it's already close to that post, its mind changes and just wanted to be the runner up.  It's like a demi-moisturizer and demi-ampoule or a gay or a lesbian who cannot come out of the closet because of confusion.  It can be "THE OIL" that can make me forget about ampoule, serum and moisturizer and that everyone can rave about but it's pulling back, afraid to be in the limelight

But anyway, this is enough when I'm lazy and don't want to be bothered with the whole process of skincare plus I can also use it on my hair and my body.  It also didn't aggravate my skin asthma and did well in the moisturizing area during the cold months (talking about January to March).

I guess people who just started with skincare who wanted to take their game to the next level can appreciate this elixir more.  It also indicated in its box that it has no parabens, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance or other toxic substance.  I hope Human♥Nature can develop this more because it seriously has potential plus look at that frosted bottle and nice looking pump~it's aesthetically gorgeous.


  1. "I guess people who just started with skincare who wanted to take their game to the next level can appreciate this elixir more."

    I agree with this. I have better results when I mix a drop of this to a dollop of body lotion.

    1. Me naman, I directly apply it on some area of my body that are super dry. I'm planning to add some of this oil to my conditioner and use it ala hair spa treatment :)

  2. I just realized that the price is really cheap over there (understandably so because the products are all manufactured in the Philippines). Here, it's almost 3 times pricier! But I still buy them :D


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