July 19, 2015

Surprisingly Good Lipsticks

The colors of the photo above is a lie, because of the light and a little tweaking from fotor, they are much more brighter but don't worry the swatches below are near the real thing.  Without knowing the brand, I thought that these two tube are from the mid-range category of lipsticks because the packaging looks classy-black with silver topped with the color-representation of the lipsticks inside.  Quite surprised that they are from Ever Bilena.

These two are my first shocking colors in my makeup "collection".  Red and Pink!  I can never imagine myself picking these up whenever I buy make-up but thanks to my sister who always share with me her make-up stash, I became a rebel and opposed to my play-safe-color-rule.

Storm; which is a red with a hint of orange, is something I imagine wearing on a holloween:  me in all black and a pair of boots, hair straight down with black eyeliner.  Like the swatch above, I will look villainous, dangerous, and masungit.
Pink Flame despite having pink in it's name looks like a peach-mauve color; again, in the above photo swatch.  My usual everyday shade only, more noticeable than Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey.

But applying them on my lips gives different results:

Red for me is a very strong color that I usually just dab Storm for my lips to have this gradient color effect which is enough for the people in the office to tease me about wearing lipstick.  Surprisingly, this glide easily despite being matte although when hit by light, it does have a little shine to it.  Staying power is great too, well it will budge when I eat and drink but it leaves a tint that can last almost the whole day.  It's also not drying (another surprise) but I make sure that I apply a lip balm the night after I wear this to prevent me from having chapped lips.

Pink Flame reminds me Nicki Minaj's neon pink lips and I don't wear this much although looking at the photo above, it seems that this suit me best (surprise! surprise).  The formula is a bit waxy making it hard to spread evenly, sometimes I have bits of pink on my lips (I just tried my best to blend the "nicki minaj mode" swatch so it looks decent and even).  Since this is too pink for my liking, I top it with Revlon's Fig Jam (a lipstick that seems to cast a chocolatey shadow on my lips)- still in the pinkier side but almost the same with the Honey Balm Stain.  I just make sure that I wait a few minutes or tap a tissue paper for the Pink Flame to settle in my lips before applying the Fig Jam for the tint to last around 4 plus some more hours.

This two should have the same formulation but it seems like the Storm last longer than the other.  But overall, these two are good lipsticks considering that they are less than Php 200 a pop (around $4).  If they won't budge and has more moisturization but still being matte, then they would be great.


  1. i use fotor too! :) i like the nicki minaj shade on you... esp topped with the revlon lipstick. i do the same with shades that are too nude for me kasi sayang naman if i toss it lang :) but pink flame alone looks nice for a baby doll look pa din. my goal is to be more adventurous and also try these bright lipstick shades, so im eyeng a few drugstore brands din cause im pretty sure i wont be using them all the time naman :)

    1. it's surprisingly looks good. Drugstore muna ako when it comes to makeup since I'm just starting, sayang nga pag di palaging magagamit :D


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