March 2, 2016

of Facial Mist -Innisfree and Skinfood

Facial mist to me are just toner packed in a fancy can or bottle.  With that, I tend to skip looking at them whenever I visit skincare stores or look for new releases.  But for some reason, facial mist always do something to catch my attention so here are two that I currently have.

I got the Skinfood Herb Anti-Dust Coating Mist deluxe sample for free when I ordered from Sae Sil (if your planning to order stuff from her, please mention my name...pretty please).  I don't know how this mist is anti-dust but whenever I feel the need to feel refresh when I'm at home, I spritz this and it will instantly cool my face.  The smell is very refreshing even its main ingredients are from herb namely Edelweiss, Marjoram, Mallow, Yarrow, Lady's Mantle.

I seldom use this though when I have a heavy makeup on for the fear that there will be slight smudging since the mist of this one is most of the time, not even which leads me to use the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist.

One of the most popular product of Innisfree I guess since it always pops out whenever I search the brand.  I initially plan to use this as a "makeup fixer" or the last step in my makeup application process (very obvious that I'm a newbie when it comes to makeup)....wait a minute, the right words are "to set my makeup" there you go since my face repel powders.  The mist of this one is very fine it's as if there's a light fog on my face whenever I use it.

It says in the description that this mist is enriched with squeezed green tea and green complex from the pure Jeju island to deliver abundant moisture and nourishment deep into the skin.  Well, I feel refresh and my skin is moist whenever I use this so the squeezed green tea and green complex which I wish I know what it is, is working.

I mostly use mist when I feel the need to refresh since I live in a tropical country and I also use it nowadays as a toner (hello, no need for cotton pads!!!) and to set my make-up or whenever I feel like I applied too much foundation or bb cream.  It's a product that seems unnecessary but if you think twice, it's actually convenient to have one.


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  2. I feel like its the season for facial mists na - lapit na summer and these will come in handy! ^^ i havent tried the mist to set my makeup but i should tho, i wonder if magssmudge din ang makeup ko. i use my mist right before applying my moisturizer, someone told me na the moisturizer can seal the hydration from the mist :) miss you sis!

    1. yeah. mists are instant freshness for summer. I try to be in front of a fan so the mist will dry fast to setmy make-up.
      miss you too :)

  3. Hi Arya,

    Thank you for sharing! This is very timely especially now that it's summer. Not to mention that we live in a tropical country. I believe that facial mist not only refreshes the skin, but also helps in rejuvenation. It helps strengthen the skin’s defenses against dirt and pollutants.

    1. mists are really refreshing...didn't think much of the other benefits you mentioned before but hooray! for them

  4. I'm a new facial mist addict. I prefer Korean brands because the mist is so fine. I don't notice any difference among different variants, though. I just use them to tone down the chalkiness of powder face products.

    1. right? they are like creators of fog in the face. most mist just differ in smell but they are all good anyway (well, I'm pertaining to the ones I tries). Thanks Rae :)


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