March 20, 2016

Catching Up 2016

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Hi there! It's been a while (I know!) so here's what's going on for the past few months (I read this entry again and oh most of them are negative so be prepared).

January 2016
I have lots of post ideas for this blog, unfortunately I can't materialize them because a. I procrastinate, b. I'm not sure how to execute them and c. Internet connection is soooooooooooooo slow.

Please believe me when I say that I wanted to share with you; in detail, my "Project Taba" journey...I'm pretty serious about it the first week of January (like others who make it a point to include this "be healthy, look fit" concept in their New Year's resolution) but my then work (and other reasons that I keep repeating in my mind to justify my actions) kept me from doing it. Super Overtime (without pay guys so I'm not rich by doing it) and stress (Imagine, I worked December 24 and 25 and January 2 even if I'm sick) keeps me crawling back to my unhealthy habits like eating sugary stuff to keep me awake and alert and overeating's comforting to eat hehehe.

Anyway, I'll try to start again this March because it's never too late! Start with me :)

February 2016
Oh the month of love where everybody is questioning my lovelife status-SINGLE forever ahahahaha.  How will I find love when in the first place, I never felt's like finding an unknown thing.

I have a crush though (naks!).  And it makes me happy when I see him because he's always smiling as if the world is just full of magical things...but he's gay so......end of story (shove chocolates in the mouth).

I also look into my beauty stuff and lo and behold, 90% are just sitting in different places of my place collecting dust.  I'm trying to make at least two blog posts out of these stuff but the procrastinator in me is so strong that come March I still haven't made a single post.  I wanted to share my thoughts about the products that I have  because I think it will be helpful specially to those who are starting with make-up and skincare.

March 2016
And so here's March 2016 where I try to finish all the skincare items that I currently have and replace them with something natural.  Why? Because I'm getting old and my current skincare routine is not working anymore.

Speaking of being old, I just noticed that my feed is full of marriage proposals, weddings, kids and extravagant achievements in life that I can't help but look into my life and asks myself "What are you doing?".  It seems like my world is the same everyday that I didn't noticed that the world around me evolved into something strange and foreign...I've just been busy with my usual routine of work-eat-sleep.  Pretty deep huh?  But I guess it's never too late to be the person that I wanted or you wanted to be.  I'm trying to be out of my comfort zone and change my mindset so I can experience the full potential of living (sorry if I'm trying to be deep).  I will still be childish, but I hope I will be mature enough to accept that things happen and that I must move on - charge to experience things/events that are out of my scope and use them as learning to have better decisions in life.

I'm leaving you with the song "In My Mind" by Amanda Palmer :)


  1. Waaah. Just when I was starting to enjoy Korean Skin care, you're now moving to natural/organic products... But I'm happy you're back. :D

    1. thanks much Rae. ahahaha yeah, I'm on the natural route since most of the items I'm using now that are natural seems to work but maybe next year when I go to Korea, I'll try some korean skincare again :)


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