July 3, 2016

My Heart is Crushed: LANEIGE

I've been in love with Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack_EX which is the BEST Sleeping Pack/Mask for me, I put it in a pedestal and is now my measurement for a good sleeping mask in case I try new ones (you can check my amazement with the product here).

And so when Laneige released a firming and then an updated version, I got excited! checked my wallet to see how much more should I make tipid to get them and voila! got them last year.

So are they good enough? Well my intro photo is a hint.

Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack
Already in my late 20's (it's inevitable, I'll be out of the calendar soon!) I just new that my skin needed some firming and all the anti-aging sheesh because they say, once you hit the land of 30s, lines, wrinkles and sagging will suddenly knock on your door and barge-in in your life with or without your permission.  And so even though a lot of people couln't guess my real age (yes! baby face lang) a little help of firming from Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack is very much welcome.

I saw an ad about this product that the pudding like pack will restore its form after sometime no matter how many times you jiggle or break it.  Sounds amazing but I thought "what will that do to firm my face, will the product particles once in my face will contact each other and say "Let's Bolt In? what a gimmick!".
And up to this day, I still think that it's a gimmick.

Although it's moisturizing than the Water Sleeping Pack, I did not see any firming effect- no tightening and my laugh lines are still prominent.  I even tried increasing the application of this to "daily" but NOTHING happened, just good moisturization. Yes, moisturization is important to prevent lines and wrinkles but other products in the market also offers that and a whole lot more like suppleness and so I'm really disappointed with this firming pack.

Additional hate (and I'm sorry if I'm spreading hate but I just got to tell an honest review for the benefit of those who seek it) the pudding like texture is also hard to spread on the skin, you have to break it first in your palms else it will just be lumps in your face.

Again, disappointed with the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack for not fulfilling the firming effect.  Like the packaging though, it looks sleek and luxurious.

For all the technology behind this product you can check it here from Laneige's SG site.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Is an updated version of my beloved Water Sleeping Pack_EX (or so I thought).  Many people in the net complains that Pack_Ex is not moisturizing enough when they apply it and I also thought the same way before the first time that I used it.

Through time of using it  though, I noticed that when I wake up my face is well moisturized.  So it's a win-win situation for me: my skin doesn't feel sticky yet my face is still well moisturized plus my face looks bright as if I have a full 8 hours of sleep.

Now the Water Sleeping Mask is more moisturizing when applied.  The benefits are still the same but for someone who is from a tropical country, I prefer the Water Sleeping Pack_EX better for the lightness feel.  I really do hope that Laneige would just make the two available and market them as a separate product.

Quite a heavy post so thank you if you made it up to here but I hope that this post will help you decide whether to get these two products or not.  I still have high hopes for Laneige as a brand and would like to try their essences and serum.


  1. baby face ftw! :) first sis can i just say that i like the new background of the blog its simple lang but it pops out haha. thanks for the heads up on the firming mask. i did like the water sleeping mask tho - maybe cos i didnt try the previous version so have nothing to compare it too. sobrang thankful ko nga sayo for introducing me to this brand cos it became my HG mask na :)

    1. Ahahahah thanks Shayne. Currently loving some greens right now-something refreshing.
      If I haven't tried the pack_ex, maybe I would be head over heels with the sleeping mask to.
      Awww 😙 glad you like it...still into Laneige and I'm looking at some of their products to try :D


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