November 15, 2015

Before They Go: Meet My Shoes

I'm about to go out to do some shopping damage since everything is on sale.  But then I saw a shopping bag with two pairs of shoes in it just lying at the foot of my bed and realize that I have too much stuff and I don't need to acquire more.

By the way, I decided to throw/give away that two pair of shoes and put them in that shopping bag for like 3 weeks ago or even a month already and I still haven't got to doing so maybe because I'm a shoe lady???  I do not have much of a problem bidding goodbye to bags and clothes but shoes is something that bothers me a lot when it comes to "culling".

So with that intro, here are my shoes of the moment.

The Sneakers.
Trainers or sneakers are everywhere right now and I'm happy about it (let's love anything comfortable people).  I remember having 5 or 6 pairs before when my last job allowed me to wear whatever I want.  You can't go wrong with a classic chuck and the comfort of sporty-rubber shoes.  Next year, I think I have to get rid of the the chucks and and blue and pink rubber shoes.

The Brogue.
I just love the masculinity and sophistication without-sacrificing-the-comfort of brogues and they go well both with pants and skirt or dress.  I have to let go of the mauve colored one though and I'm contemplating of giving the one in the middle to someone.

The Girlies.
I think it's my first time to have a Mary Jane's in my adult life and I'm surprised that I got this even if they are wedges.  To balance it, I also got flats because the blue with gold accents attracted me.

Here's another girlie but with a brogue vibe to it that I got from Zalora.  I actually ordered a boots but there's something wrong in the site when I ordered so I got this instead.

The Boots.
For the first part of the year, I've been obsess in finding a great pair of boots but I failed.  The square one in the picture is the closest to what I've been looking for but lately I'm not wearing it anymore.  Next to it is a total waste because I only wore it once, so I have to get it out of my shoe system.

There are people out there who have more but for me, this is already a lot plus.  I'm planning to just maintain a number of shoes and everytime I buy one I have to let go of another in my stash.  Right now, I got rid of just two but first quarter next year, I have to reevaluate again and let go of 2 more pairs.

3 Tips in Buying Shoes:

1.  It Must Go Well With Most of Your Outfit.
I don't need to have 5 sneakers even if I love them because I work in an office that requires me to be in a formal attire 4 times a week (sometimes even 5).  That ankle boots that I bought in a whim?  When I think about it now, I can't actually wear it very often because I only have at most, two outfits that go well with it.

2.  Quality versus Quantity.
Yes, sale and low prices are tempting but in the long run shoes that are in good quality save more bucks.  I remember going to divisoria and buying in bulk thinking that I outwitted those who make good quality shoes because I can buy 2 to 3 pairs with the same price but then I end up buying again after just 2 or 3 months because they do not have the sturdiness that my feet requires (hehehe, I walk a lot you know and I'm a rough walker).

3.  Always Choose Comfort.
I remember being trying hard and getting a pair of pointed shoes before because they became so popular (and I can't find shoes that fits my feet that are not pointed) but my toes are cursing me for doing so.  I have a "square" feet so now, I always go with a wider or rounded front so my feet will have enough room to be comfy.  I choose shoe designs that look classic so it can withstand time.


  1. I agree with everything that you said especially the tips!


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