March 26, 2017

Addiction with Eyeglasses

Ever since my eyes got blurry, eyeglasses has been my number one accessory.  My first that doesn't look so nerdy is a Ray Ban looking glasses that I got from the department store (because my nerdy looking ones got broke and the shop where I got it said it will take them time to repair it) and have it prescripted.  I got a lot of queer looks from it but knowing that most frames in optical shops (back then) are too small for my liking, I always scour the net for some trendy glasses.  My latest by the way is from Divisoria and I got lots of compliment when I'm wearing it (even from an immigration officer from another country) but I always like to have options.

Fievre just keep on popping on my Facebook feed so I gave it a shot and got 3 frames.

I like the gold detail in Zed.  It looks like your regular glasses but with a gold twist.  This is for my niece by the way and I think she will have it tinted so she can use it as sunglasses.  I tried it once and it's a bit tight or maybe my face is just too big for it but I regretted not ordering one for myself because it looks pricier than 350 pesos and it is sturdy too which is an issue for most cheap frames.

And when I say issue with sturdiness, Kristian is the perfect example.  It looks great in photos but it is cheap looking in person so I got really disappointed.  I should have gotten the leopard print and have it as a sunglasses but what can I do?  I can't be always be lucky with glasses every time I order.

Ahhh Queenie is my FAVORITE!  I initially wanted this to be my sunglasses but it's more perfect for everyday use.  It looks nerdy at first but the almost cat-eye shape of it just compliments my slightly mataray image.  It looks familiar (this kind of sunglasses where the bottom part is wire rimmed) and unfamiliar at the same time.  I wanted to get the clear version and have it as my sunglasses!

Every order is in a sturdy black case with a cloth and the lenses are actually pretty good - antiradiation and they don't have scratches.  Not bad!

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