April 22, 2018

Oh Looky: Shine Bright My Hair

Here are three simple items that makes my hair looking shiny and healthy.

Kindly read Oh Looky before proceeding to read, thanks.

Avalon Organics Conditioner
I first tried the lemon variant and fell in love with it (and if ever that I wanted to go on the more natural products again, I'll hunt that variant - seems to be always out of stock) cause it just makes my hair moisturize (no split ends when I still have short hair) and less frizzy some people thought I had a salon treatment.  My hair just soaks this conditioner that there's not much residue when I rinse it.  The difference between the lemon and the peppermint variant aside from the fragrance is the consistency: the lemon is thicker.  The only downside I guess is that my hair is not as shiny compared to when I'm using the usual chemical based conditioners.

Castor Oil
I got this for my brows but my hair seems to like it too.  Every other day, 30 minutes prior to washing my hair I massage a good amount of this to my scalp and hair as a treatment and once a week, I mix around 5 drops of Castor Oil to a dollop of the Avalon Organics Conditioner as a hair mask and it makes my hair looking more voluminous (and I like it) and healthy.  I also think that it is helping in the hair growth department(I see a lot of baby hair).

Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Conditioner
Now I still want the shine to my hair and more moisture that's why I got this.  It seems pricey at first as a conditioner but I've been using this for 5 months now and I still have some left.  This conditioner just makes my hair looking like I visit the salon on a daily basis that my friends couldn't believe that it just this conditioner that is doing the trick.

Tsubaki is camellia flower and the oil derived from it is advertised as moisturizing and I believe it since it does really moisturizing my hair.  Aside from the moisture and the shine, Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Conditioner keeps my hair straight but with a body - with a little bounce to it so it's not looking dull (some of my friends said that it looks like I had a brazilian blow dry).  The only downside is that my skin got irritated to it for the first few weeks of usage (I had a lot of back acne and bumps).

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