April 26, 2018

Oh Looky: These Tools

Just a quick look at these three tools that I used to massage my face and decide which one to keep.  I don't know their names so I'll refer them by color.

Kindly read Oh Looky before proceeding to read, thanks.

Black is a souvenir that I got from Taiwan.  It's a multi purpose massaging tool for different parts of the body (as demonstrated by the nice grandma who did his very best to communicate with me through body language) but I mainly use it for the face.  The curve is surprisingly perfect for my jaw lines and I used the top (or bottom) side part to the rest of my face.  It's thin so I have to be light to avoid hitting my bones (it hurts when it happens and definitely need some cream or oil for it to glide smoothly).
Silver is an impulse buy because it looks magical but I don't like this at all since "clips" my skin in between the rollers (me being chubby adds to the problem I guess) so it's painful to use.  I think this is best for the body rather than the face and since I'm lazy to massage myself, I'm gonna pass on this.

White is from Miniso.  I wanted the flower looking massage with pressure points but it was out of stock the time that I got this.  This is effective with regular use (everyday).  After around two weeks of use, a lot noticed that my face is slimmer.  The only downside is the middle part that is holding the rollers is sticking out and pokes my skin which hurts when I'm not careful/hastily using it.

I'll have to go with Black for its portability and aesthetic.  The other two must go since I'm trying my best to downsize and declutter for my mind's sake.

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