June 16, 2012

Clean and Beautiful with Tony: My TonyMoly Haul

"A place to put a style into packaging", that's the meaning of TonyMoly.  Tony is an english word which means stylish and Moly; a japanese word, which means to box something.  A little trivia that I actually got from TonyMoly's official website.

The products that i bought here in the Philippines are the Appletox and the Essential Mask Sheet Pack Cucumber.  My mind is actually battling what to choose: Appletox or Tomatox?  The green won, it looks refreshing to the eyes.  And because I'm pretty much satisfied with the Appletox (review to follow) I decided to make a list of the TM products that I think will do great on my skin and gradually buy them since prices here in the Philippines are around 30% to 40% more expensive than in Korea (correct me if I'm wrong).  Oh well, God is good because a colleague of mine is visiting Korea the time I made the list (YEESSSS).  Although not all the products in the list are bought, I'm still satisfied with the TonyMoly products that I have right now and so here's my haul:
Appletox - P528
Essential Mask Sheet Pack - P58
Maxi Power Foot Peeling Liquid - P498 (8800 KRW)
Peach Hand Cream - P278 (4900 KRW)
Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack - P548 (9800 KRW)

Included in my list are the Egg Pore Black Head Out Oil Gel and Ice Queen Snow White Sleeping Cream but for an unknown reason, my colleague didn't bought them. I guess they're not meant for me since my mind is battling again whether to include the 2 in the list or not (I think the Red Appletox is more suitable for me).

I got a free sample of BB Cream (I already consumed the product and throw the container so I don't have any picture) and the TonyMoly Membership Card since my purchase reach P500+.
2% rebate for every P100 purchase made will be awarded and will be also be entitled to perks exclusively for TonyMoly members.

The store is simple: painted in white with shelves on the sides and an island in the center for make-ups.  I don't use cosmetics so i went straight to the shelves with coffee mugs, ice creams, apples, tomatoes, peach and oranges.  I'm still talking about TonyMoly, some of their products are in a cute and catchy packagings like the Appletox: it is in a green apple shape-like plastic container.  It's very clever of TonyMoly to do this because the packaging are really atrractive (I got attracted (*__*)).

I guess the target market of TonyMoly are mature man and women which probably explains the most of the products in the store that are in simple yet sophisticated and stylish packaging unlike their sister company whose audience are mostly teens (yes, I'm talking about Etude House).

Of all the products in my haul, I only got to try the Appletox which didn't fail to deliver its purpose so I hope the rest would also be the same.

Comments, suggestions, violent reactions by the way are welcome so feel free to type-in anything (oh except curses) in the comment box below.

Seum Dwa.  Till Then.  Bye!

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