June 14, 2012

Girly & Pretty with Etude: My ETUDE HOUSE HAUL

Last year, I got addicted to books: novels, adventure, mysteries, court case etc. For this year I guess I'm hooked with skin care products especially from the Korean shops like Etude House.Below are the products that i got from Etude.  Not that much for others but it's already a lot for me : )
Silk Scarf Hair Treatment - P378
Moistfull Collagen Cream Set - P778
Skin Malgeum-Smoother - P678
Skin Malgeum-Deep Moist - P678
Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Soft Body Wash - P448
Milk Talk Body Was Apple P298 (to avail the freebie)

I intended to buy the Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Soft Body Lotion but after roaming around the store, merrily grabbing the products that I want, I can't seem to find the said lotion.  So imagine my dismay when the SA said that it is already phased out (para akong batang inagawan ng teddy bear huhuhuh.  After those researching and excitement about the product, just to find out that it is already phased out?)

Oh well, moving on...It's my first time to reached more than P500 worth of purchases (my sister and i just only buy the Hair Bubble Coloring before) so I got (for free) the Pink Card wherein you can get 2% rebate for every P100 purchase made.  You can also get special perks exclusively for PinkCard holders (check the EH Phil. website for more info.)

Now for the FREEBIES!!!!

The Skin Malgeum is on a promo when I visited EH so i got free cottonpads (in the above picture beside Moistfull Collagen Set).  The SA said i can get another GWP if I reach P2000 (that's why I grabbed the Milk Talk).  So presenting:
The Princess Cake
I'm not a fan of pink but this one from TLJ is really pretty and while traveling (going home), some teenagers can't help peeking at it.  The box is adorable too.  So after delightfully munching on this creamy and light (just the right sweetness) cake, I turned the box into something useful (as suggested by my sister).
~cute + useful box~
I had a fun and girly experience with Etude House and really looking forward to have those GWP that are in set kekeke.

Till then.  Daume bayo.  Fighting!!!


  1. I enjoy reading your comments and recommendations. I am a new fan of Etude House products and still looking for their other good products to buy soon :)

  2. hey, thanks for reading. glad that you enjoyed my comments and recommendations, you just made my day. I think Etude House products are compatible with my skin and are also affordable compared with other korean brands


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