June 23, 2012

Nature Republic's Body Peeling Mist

Peeling? Intriguing!  Well it's the reason why I decided to try Nature Republic's Body Peeling Mist.
"Remove dead skin cells easily and bring your skin back to life with our Body Peeling Mist."
 -Nature Republic Philippines
I'm curious as to how this product works and it landed on my "products to buy priority list".  Silly me I only realized that I didn't ask the SA who assisted me on how to use the product when I got home (got excited and I'm in a hurry that time).  Aside from the "Nature Republic" and "With Polynesia Lagoon Water (MD 101)" everything is in Korean.  The only instruction that I got from the net is shake then apply all over the body then rinse with lukewarm water.
~MD 101~
So I shake the bottle and sprayed the product on my arm first.  After a few seconds, small white particles appeared.  Rubbed and the small particles clamped together (color changes too depending on the dirt in your skin. Mine's light brownish to grayish) .  It's like the peeling process starts when rubbing.  The mist tend to stick to the dirt of the skin. The dirt will then be removed when skin is rubbed and rinsed.  Result?  The skin immediately get a little fairer or whither and a bit smoother (probably because the dirt was wash away).

I can't find what Polynesia Lagoon Water (MD 101) means but from Nature Republic's website here is the meaning of MD Water:
Just a little warning, rinse immediately after rubbing.  There's a tendency that the clamped particles from the mist will stick to the hair and skin like a bubble gum and can be really hard to remove (it happen to me).  I use the peeling mist once a week on my elbows, knees and other dark areas in my body (hahaha).  Don't worry about spilling or accidental spraying of the product since the nozzle has a lock (^_^).

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Hwaiting!


  1. wowww this looks amazing! wow im so impressed though. i was looking for something that could renew the skin of my whole body and this looks super amazing. definitely purchasing! <3
    PINKIVORYS- click for korean beauty and kpop~ ^^

    1. it has it's own pros and cons but overall it's a good cheap product :)

  2. Thanks for the review! How is the scent?

    1. if I remember it right ot's not to chemically and once spread it doesn't seem to have any scent

  3. When should i use this? Before shower or after? Or mybe when taking a shower?

    1. I use this before I take a shower when skin still dry and take a shower to remove the residue


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