July 2, 2012

DIY Body Scrub

What you Need:

2  parts Sugar (I prefer brown sugar)

1  part Oil (can be Baby Oil or Olive Oil, I usually use Baby oil as my skin absorbs it more quickly)


 1/2  part Lemon or Calamansi Juice (for skin whitening and smoothening though the effect is not instant)

In a clean container, mix sugar and oil.  Add in the juice then mix again.  Use once a week.  Cover the remaining scrub and store in a cool dry place.  100 grams can cost around P40 (more or less $1) good for 2 to 4 applications.

A little FYI

-sources: benefitof.net and wikipedia

Sugar acts as a natural exfoliator.  It contains glycolic acid which is important in maintaining healthy skin as it assists in conditioning, moisturizing and guarding the skin from harmful toxins.

Baby Oil/Olive Oil

Baby Oil moisturizes and helps in preventing the water evaporating from the skin.
Olive Oil contains Vitamin E which has an anti-oxidant function and Oleic Acid which keeps the skin soft.

Aside from the whitening and smoothening effect, Calamansi can also be use as a natural acne medication.   It bleaches freckles and helps to clear up acne vulgaris and pruritus vulvae.

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