July 28, 2012

Finally! Snoe + an Apple?

I am in gigil to share my haul and a really proud Pinay because finally I have Snoe products.

Snoe Happy Heels to pamper my feet and Snoe Body Softener for Aging Skin

Thanks to Cinderella Glorietta branch, I finally have the chance to try the Happy Heals Set (P349) and the Body Softener (P249) which is already out of my budget but I can't resist collagen.  I haven't have enough time to explore Snoe's other products but you can check their website at http://www.snoebeauty.com/ for more info.

Actually, I'm in a hurry while in Cinderella (spent 5 minutes I guess) and didn't notice the guy who tried to assist me until I heard him say "Okay na po Ma'am?" while heading to the counter but I got a glimpsed of some plastic fruit containers that are familiar to me.  It's… (wait for it)


I got the Apple AC Therapy Sleeping pack.  Again, I'm in a hurry and feel sorry for the girl who assisted me.  I never give her the chance to explain the products that I'm holding.  So thoughtful of her to even chase me just to ask if I know how to use it;she's ready to spill her spiel.

Snoe and Baviphat, Check!

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!

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