July 27, 2012

From The Other World of the Wallflower

After twenty four years in this world I finally have my passport (hoopla!).  But where to go or the right question is, "where to go first?".

For me there are 2 kinds of travel.  First is physical travel (wherein you go the place you want to see) and second is the virtual travel (most convenient hehehe). For many years, I have been searching and visiting blogs to know where; if ever that i will finally have the chance to travel abroad, should I spend my precious and limited vacation days.

Here are some pics that got my attention.

Amalfi Coast in Italy
Sorrento, Italy
James Bond Island Thailand
Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan, India
 Thanks to Roomorama (http://www.facebook.com/roomorama) for the amazing pictures

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