July 16, 2012

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Who don't want sale?  Not me!  Even a not so girly girl like me want to buy some bargains especially on sweldo day (payday; which by Filipino tradition, a mall or two is on sale).  So here's what I got this weekend  (with the nearby mall):

I got a little disappointed with Watson's mask.  I thought it's on a buy 1 take 1 promo (the poster in it's shelf say so) but the lousy and exaggerated cashier said it's not.  Good thing the Beauty Buffet mask is (surprise surprise) on sale. P59 for two.
You might already know Vitamin C but how about Co Q10?  It's my first time to hear it and the label says it helps to firm skin and reduce fine lines (I'm getting older so I need this).
I read blogs about this scrub.  Aside from it's effectiveness, it's also budget friendly they say.  P70 for 135g? Why not!
My niece bought the Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on and it comes with this (for free I guess).  I think she don't need this and so I just asked for it (I beg twice before she give-in).
2 of my shoes broke-down this July including my attention grabber yellow shoes :( .  So I need a replacement even if I didn't set aside a budget.  So Fab! is may wallet's savior.  I got this simple and modest pair for P399. 

Thanks for Reading! till then.  Bye!


  1. nice haul. :D love those watsons masks! :D thanks for the visit on my blog www.bit.ly/dearbeautyfairy

  2. hi kumiko. thanks for visiting too. very nice blog you have, i cant stop reading your posts :)


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