September 9, 2012

Fully Stock!

Thanks to Tony Moly's sale, I finally have the chance to try some water based products.  I also finally have a serum and an eye cream that somehow completes a good skincare regimen but hope I will not get lazy.

From Fresh Aqua Pure Drop line, I got the following:
Fresh Aqua Pure Drop Cream White P439
Fresh Aqua Water Drop Serum P474
Caviar on my eyes?  Why not!
Caviar Essential Eye Cream 40% off P589
Not all of these masks are mine, 4 are for my sister and the Tea Tree are not on sale.
Except for the Tea Tree, the rest are at P49
Tea Tree for pimples, Poria Cocos for moisture, Houttuynia for oily skin, Chesnut for Peeling and Wine for nutrients and hydration
And of course, the freebies.
Sunset BB Cleansing foam and SJK poster
I will give the cleanser to my sister but will still get some to personally try it.  As for the poster, I will give it to my friend who really likes Song J0ong Ki.  I like him too in Running Man,  are you watching this show?

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. i haven't gone to tony moly for the longest time :(( i love joong ki too! hihi

    im a new follower by the way! :) hope you can check out my blog as well

  2. he's cute and intelligent :) visit him soon in tony moly hehehe
    thanks for reading my blog and will surely visit yours!


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