September 10, 2012

Patience is a Virtue: Happy Lemon + J.CO

Been to the North yesterday and what else to do if one is not interested to buy anything?  EAT! (and drink)

Warning! Crappy pictures and views ahead.  This is totally not a review ( I guess).

Amazing how Milk Teas are a still a craze in the Philippines.  I myself love Milk Tea and visited some tea shops around the Metro so while at SM the Block, I tried Happy Lemon.
I'm not use to capturing what I eat and drink in public so here's a pic from Happy Lemon Philippines' FB page
 Surprised that almost half of my order was filled with different add-ons (not sure what to call them).  I ordered Royal Milk Tea with pudding so I'm confused as to why it has other contents aside from the pudding.  Added to my confusion are the quick flashing screens of orders.  It's useless I guess because it's hard to read them and also another to complain is that the menu is not adjacent to the counter; you have to take 2 or 3 steps away from from the counter just to take a look at it.  I have other ramblings about the store but I'll just focus on the Milk Tea.  The pudding is great.  It has the right sweetness and softness that blends well with the milk tea but the pearl and the jelly are a bit hard that I got tired of chewing them and swallowed them whole.   The sweetness of the milk tea itself is just right at 100% but I can't appreciate much the taste of the tea because it's a little bland to my taste although it's just okay with my niece taste.  With this order, my 20 minutes of ordering and waiting is a waste of time.  Sorry if you're a fan of Happy Lemon but do suggest your favorite and might order it the next time I visit one of their store.
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J.CO Donuts & Coffee
It's the newest craze of the town and so I'm in the line for almost an hour (whew,  congratulations to my niece and my patience) yesterday just to get ahold of J.CO doughnuts.  By the time I got to the counter their best seller, Alcapone and the Green Tea variant are already temporarily out of stock and will be available after 30 minutes  (this is in Trinoma branch so be early if you want to try them, I ordered at around 5pm).  An hour of waiting is already too much, so I just ordered whatever is available on display.  Messy picture ahead!
funny names:  avocado dicaprion, heaven berry, oreology, why nut, blue berrymore, jacky chunk, caviar chocolate and black jack not in the picture
My niece and I immediately grab donuts as a celebration of our patience.  I tried the Avocado DiCaprio and liked it.  The doughnut is very soft and unlike in other stores, the sweetness is just enough for me not to cough and gulp a pitcher of water.  I can't taste any avocado though. Coffee? yes! I'm tasting coffee in the doughnut.  Better to eat in store (though I can't probably fully enjoy the eating experience because of the huge crowd) the doughnut toughens when already exposed to air and the frosting easily melts (just look at the picture above, except for the three chocolate flavored donuts the rest's frosting where melted.
Additional opinions:  my nephew and my brother was not impressed with these J.CO doughnuts and are sticking with Krispy Kreme.  My niece and I love them though!

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Thanks for reading.  Enjoy eating!  Till then.  Bye!

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