February 1, 2013

For A Clear, Moisturize and Glowing Face

Last Christmas, a friend of mine gave me a box full of DIY from Papemerolti and tried last weekend three  beauty recipes.

Stimulating Skin Scrub
To cleanse, clear and stimulate skin, wash face with your cleanser and bit by bit add brown sugar (up to 1 teaspoon) lathering and massaging gently (or else it will hurt) into your skin.

This recipe made and feel my skin fresh and also cleared some of my blackheads on my nose (there are still some that are poking)

From livestrong.com
Brown sugar is the texture of wet sand, but is abrasive enough to remove old skin cells without causing your skin harm or irritation. The moisture in brown sugar won't dry out your skin as you exfoliate. Exfoliation removes not only dead cells from your skin but other impurities that may be clogging your pores. In effect, exfoliation prepares your body for moisturizers and other products that will keep your skin looking supple and fresh. Brown sugar is a source of B vitamins due to its molasses content, and could be beneficial to your skin. A July 2008 article in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology reports that vitamin B is an antioxidant that can prevent and reverse signs of photoaging of your skin. Photoaging is the skin damage you encounter from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Moisturizing Mask
The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of milk but 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon is enough to cover the face and the neck.

The combination of honey and milk smells really sweet like caramel.  The texture becomes sticky after 5 minutes that I decided to wash the dishes (no drippings hooray!).  I leave the mask on my face for 15 minutes though the direction said 10 minutes but who cares? As long as there are no ants or bees swarming in my face I think I could leave it on for 30 minute (the mixture makes my face hot)  Rinse with warm water (I used tap water).  What's achieved?  Soft and well moisturize face!

From livestrong.com
Honey can be used as part of a dry skin regimen because its composition is described as s humectant. A humectant is an item or substance that attracts moisture and keeps in locked inside. Using a honey-based facial mask proves beneficial to areas of skin that tend to become dry or itchy because it lends moisture to these areas. People have oily skin can benefit from honey as well; the sweetener can help your skin retain moisture and elasticity without drying it out, as some conventional facial washes may do.

From livetrong.com
Natural beauty author Dina Falconi suggests using milk in homemade beauty products for dry or damaged skin. An oatmeal face or body scrub, for example, becomes additionally moisturizing and vitamin-rich when it contains milk rather than water, according to Falconi. Nonfat powdered milk blends well with bath salts or face scrubs for long-keeping treatments. Alternatively, mix liquid milk with an equal amount of honey to form a humectant -- a substance that promotes moisture retention -- nutrient-rich mask for your face, neck and chest.

Fair Face Maker
Last but not least, a fruit that will give an instant glow: Papaya! (I think papaya when used regularly can help diminish the appearance of freckles...well that's what I heard from one of my sisters).

Mash ripe papaya and apply all over face and neck.  This is a bit messy so I only leave the papaya for 2 minutes and well, my cheeks are a bit glowing though I think I need to do this mask everyday for the glow to stay.

From alive.com
Perk up your skin and eliminate the day’s worries with papaya. It’s beneficial for skin care and repair. You can use papaya to treat or eliminate old dead skin cells, dandruff and other skin disorders and even to reduce the signs of premature aging. The following recipes will show you how. 

Enjoy making beauty recipes DIY.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


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