February 3, 2013

Random Pics and Favorites

First Shopping:  I bought 3 tops from Forever 21 two of which are on sale and Nature Republic (Philippines) masks and aloe stuff since they mark down their prices this February.  And oh it's almost a year since I had my GEX500 camera but it's only now that I discovered that it has a fish eye effect.  Three first picture have the said effect.

I'm still hiding so I can't show you the entirety of the tops
I just love the details of my tops from Forever 21:  the beige one has the perfect combination of femininity and masculinity because of the black circle synthetic leathers that are attached in the shoulders and the blue one has the versatility feature that can be worn in a formal or dress down way.  For those who will shop for sale in Forever 21 in North Edsa ask first for the sale items because not all items that are on the sale area are on sale some are just..lost!  The tags also have codes like mine have 231 scribbles on the tag.  The SAs don't know the meaning so ask in the cashier area.
love the new packaging of the masks
this is the freebie that  I got , I gave it to my niece since she likes it
As for Nature Republic, yep they finally mark down their prices like around 20%.  I hope it's forever since the original mark up is 100% when compared to Korea.  Some items are on 50% sale too.  Ask for the new prices with the SAs since the tag on the shelves are the old ones.

Next Fooooooooooooooood.
Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich
I love cheese.  Although I don't know the types of cheese I can say that I love cheese.  Some find this cookie sandwich filled with cheese weird but I just can't help munching it especially when paired with tea.
Tetley English Breakfast
Already tried green tea, white tea, black tea, earl gray tea. teas with mint, teas with peppermint, with lemon, ginseng, caramel and with flowery taste and milk teas.  Now it's time for english breakfast.  Love it!

Red Sky and everything else.

And I will be leaving you with red sky, planners and a cute mirror that I will give to someone.
Sunset from my window
planners from coffee shops
cute pocket mirror
  Happy Sunday!

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. i like the sunset picture.it so surreal

    1. thanks, it's a good thing I can always see the sunset from my window

  2. Super fave ko yang Hansel premium - parang RITZ! ♥ And super cute ng pocket mirror :) LOVE the haul, girl!

    1. ang sarap talaga niya noh...congrats on having a beautiful baby by the way ^_^

  3. I would eat those cheese crackers they look good!

    I just got the nature republic aloe gel in a new korean product haul. Been sick so I haven't posted it yet though >_>

    I love to see what people get, hard to tell much about the outfits but my imagination is pretty good.

    1. the cheese crackers are really yummy and would love to see what you've got from your haul (i love reading hauls ^__^)
      the two tops are pretty simple but the details looks really nice especially the blue one (it's slimming)


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