March 22, 2013

Bench Organics Moroccan Argan Oil

Seems like I'm out of energy this week that I only made one post since Monday.  The heat, lack of sleep and obesity makes me tired all day.  *sigh* I must change my habits.

Anyway, here's a product that i use from head to foot when I'm dead tired and wanted to spend a quality time with my bed.
Bench Organics Moroccan Argan Oil
Moisturizing body oil with Vitamin E
P199 for 115ml
(I blurred the pic but I didn't get the effect that I want)
Bench is a local store in the Philippines that offers mainly clothing and apparel, accessories plus snacks when I was younger but as I grow older, expands it's market and now sells wide array of other lifestyle products (you can find the website here).  I got this oils because Argan Oil is quite popular now and this one from Bench is cheap, well it's not 100% Argan Oil!
Argan Tree
photo from
According to, argan oil has an extremely high levels of Vitamin E and 80% fatty acids which is perfect which is perfect for healing healing and protecting the skin from many ailments and premature aging caused by oxidation.  It also have tissue healing, anti-inflammatory, sun protective, disinfectant, anti-oxidant, skin softening effect and can also reduce wrinkles.

Amazing!!!  But I bought the Bench Argan Oil not knowing what I just type above and I'm only thinking of trying it out and it's cheap and I didn't regret taking it home.  It's a top to toe oil for me as I use it to moisturize my hair, my face and body (kulang na lang inumin ko) without the sticky, heavy feeling even if I'm under the heat of the summer sun.  It's amazing how my skin absorbs this oil so well and the smell is really refreshing (a bit flowery) that it passed the meticulous nose of my sister.  Smoothness is a little problem at first and had to top it with a lotion or a body serum.  Since it's not 100% argan oil though, it may not achieved all the benefits of a pure one.
in seconds the oil will seep into the skin
doesn't make skin look oily
It's not 100% Argan Oil but I like how it moisturize and nourish my skin (less itchy now) and the price: it's really affordable that I'll definitely get another bottle when I run out.
here's the full ingredients plus some benefits

Are you using argan oil?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. hi dear.. i havent tried argan oil.. because at the moment im loving my Zenzest VCO for hair and body.. and i didnt expect that VCO can whiten skin =)

  2. Wow! I didn't know Bench has Argan Oil too! It's cheap pa! Thanks for sharing sis! :)

    1. gulat nga din ako sa price niya. bench is expanding their business

  3. I love what argan oil does to my hair. It doesn't work well on my face when I tried it.

    1. I have minor breakout on my first try so I only use it on my face when it's super dry but the rest of my body like it :) and itt also does wonder to my hair

  4. I have a three-barrel waver that I have not used in YEARS. I have been wanting to use it though! I've never tried the Creme of Nature Argan oil but it sounds like a great product. I'm using one from Sally's Beauty Supply.


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