March 18, 2013

From my favorite Wasteland: A Small and Smart Haul

Weekend was good:  some bonding with a friend, a family lunch and an unexpectedly small haul.  Went to a mall here in the Metro called Trinoma  with a department store called Landmark and was surprised about a sale (I didn't realized it was payday).  I just wanted to get some cheap shoes but found and got awes with some items.
These two are totally outrageous: they are not in season  but the price are so jaw dropping I wanted to get another pair.  Guess how much are these?  P299 for a pair, even cheaper than bazarre price considering the good quality.
let's bake bake bake
The mall and grocery near my place lack baking supplies.  It was an accident that my friend and I entered the wrong entrance of the department store (we're supposed to directly go the shoe section) but the wrong turn turned out to be a blessing because I got some paper cups (better quality than what I'm currently using) and tools for frosting (although there's something wrong with the name of the packaging) for a very low and sale price!
Another thing to love with Landmark is that when they go on sale, even the products that doesn't and will not go on sale with other department store are on sale!  I don't have any plans on buying a cleansing lotion (I'm not using make-up on a regular basis anyway) but the heat makes me sweat a lot which makes my face accumulate dirt while commuting so this no rinse cleansing lotion is perfect.  Many bloggers like Liz of Project Vanity and Martha of The Beauty Junkie have good commends about Bifesta Cleansing lotion so why not try?

Also got a shirt (for office, boring) and a sunnies (I'm really shocked that I do not have any planned trips this 2013 especially this summer so I just got a sunglasses huhuhu so pretty please share your summer getaway story for me to feel the season) both are from other shops :P

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. oh dear.. i wish i could bake too =)

    1. I think you can ^_^ I only have a conventional oven, some bowls and measuring cups and spoons and a whisk and I bake. I only read some short posts from other blogs on how to bake :)

  2. love the first pair! :) How I wish I live in Manila to experience great deals too. -_-


    1. it's my friend's choice. was hesitant at first because of the color but still got it for a change :) soon maybe yoy can visit Manila

  3. Ang pretty naman nung brown shoes sa left. I like loafer-like ballet flats. Hindi masyadong 'dressed down'

    Super ok yung bifesta, I'm on my 2nd bottle now.

    1. di ba? di ko na siya binitawan at kinuha ko kahit walang new stock. wow mukhang worth it naman pala pagbili ko sa bifesta :D


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