March 24, 2013

How I Order from GMarket

My second order from Gmarket is already on it's way and I'm so excited to unboxed my package.  With this haul, I became more aware of the discounts and where to find some great deals and I'm just going to share with you how I order (from an "overseas" view).

Since I'm into cosmetics, I always check the Beauty Calendar as I find here sales and promos and events for the month.  You can also find here the $1 dollar deal that Gmarket offers every month.  Haven't ordered any $1 deal because the item always get out of stock but there are other items that will keep on flashing that are also on sale.
Click the Beauty Calendar if you wanted to know what Beauty Shops are on sale or promo
Unsure what to buy and where to shop?  Then check the "Best" part of Gmarket homepage.
the Best Portion
You can find here the Best Sellers, Best Sellers per Country, Best Minishops and best Soho A.  Just click on the link of the picture and you will be lead into a page like below.  I found my bag and shirt here which are both on sale and free domestic shipping in this area.
I always browse here to look into some bargains
You can also go to "Plus Zone" under the Plus ON area to know the deals of the week plus you can also draw some coupons for discounts.
for now it's spring items
Have an item in mind?  Then directly go to the search button.  You will have no problem if you can understand Korean language but if not then you need an online translator like google translate or use the translate option of your browser.  Not all the brand names are in English so you might want to find first the Korean word or words of the item you like.  I type in Hadalabo before and the search engine didn't find any item.  But when I typed 고쿠쥰,  Hadalabo items appeared.  Don't forget to tick the Worldwide shipping.
item, price, domestic delivery if free or you have to pay an additional amount, offers like discount, gift, mileage and stamp, name of the seller and customer rating
Click on the item name to know further details.
Coupon Box?  Shopping Support Rewards?  Yes, you can use coupons or rewards when buying.  How to get them is quite easy.  You can mainly get them in the GMarket Lounge.  Hover your courser to the Plus On, then click Plus Zone Go.
click Plus Zone GO>
Roulette game
I got a 1000won shopping support rewards by spinning the roulette but most of the time I get mileage.
Gmarket Lounge tabs
Now, next to Plus Zone is Special Benefits where I got my 5% discount that I applied in the Laneige product that I got.  Next  is the Discount Coupons tab where you can get different kinds of coupon based on your Membership Grade.  The higher the membership grade, the better coupons you get and you can also exchange (or exchange to draw) your GStamps .  My first draw was a failure and didn't get anything.  Last tab is the Deals of the Week where you can find different items from cosmetics to potatoes and other grocery stuff that are on sale or offers a great deal.  There's also this benefit called "Buy Many?  More Discount!" where you can get additional 20% off on your beauty stuff you buy 50 items or more.
click here to find more
There are also coupons that suddenly pop out or suddenly appear on the bottom part of the screen when you click coupon so don't forget to check them out.  Remember though that not all coupons are applicable to all products.  There are sellers who do not accept discount coupons and rewards plus the coupons have expiration date too.
click, tick then apply

Now that I have different kinds coupons, it's time to use them by clicking the coupon box and ticking the coupon that is applicable or use then click apply (sorry if it's step by step, I sometimes forget to click the apply button that's why).  And voila!
from 74,100 to 69,100 won
Other items that I check are the additional option if I wanted to buy other stuff from the same seller (so that I can ask for additional freebies or discounts) and the Item Info portion where I find the estimated weight and if the item can be be ship to my country.  Scroll down and you can find other details about the product and reviews from the buyers.
look how heavy the coat is
Click the Minishop logo to go the sellers homepage and if you have any questions or you wanted to haggle the price with the seller then click inquiry.  Make sure to add the name or link of the item/s that you inquire about in your message.
inquiry and seller info
If I'm ready to purchase the item, I click add to cart then move on on finding the next item in my list (unless you just wanted to buy one item, then click Buy Now).  I always use combined shipping to save from shipping fee because as the weight gets higher, the fee gets cheaper.  If I already found all the things that I want then I go to the Shopping Cart.
my orders summary
Above is the screenshot of the items that I will purchase listed in a summary.  Price, discount, total delivery, total payable amount, estimated weight and mileage and stamp to be earned are indicated.   If you still have coupons to use,  just click on the coupon box, tick and apply then refresh the page.
EMS is the only courier for Gmarket so it's a bit expensive but fast (well based on my experience).  Select your country to know the estimated shipping fee that you will pay, here's the link to the shipping rates.

I'm okay with my orders so I'll go ahead and click Place an Order to move on to the second to the last stage of ordering which is payment.
payment summary
The payment screen will show you 1. Order Products where the items that I'll be ordering are listed, 2.  Delivery Info for my Address and Sender, 3.  Discount applied and 4. Payment.
payment portion
delivery info portion
Just type in the blanks the necessary information in 2.  My friend and I always think of who will we put in the sender portion (her favorite is GD) and if you have additional memo to the seller like "I want more freebies" then this stage is the time to do it (unless you want to go back to the start).  Don't forget to tick the policy agreement.
discount applied and payment portion
If you have credit card discount from My Shinhan Point, Bl Card, Shinhan Card, Lotte Card and KB Kookmin Card then take time to look in 3.  Discount Applied.  I have a Cash Balance in my last order and applied it here.  The remainder, I paid thru Paypal in 4.  Payment Info.  Just tick what kind of card or other mode of payment that is acceptable to Gmarket that you'll be using to pay for your items then fill up the card info and done!

I just have to wait for the sellers to send my orders in Gmarket warehouse. I check and track  the status of my orders in "Overseas Order" portion of "My Gmarket".  When all orders are in, Gmarket will put everything in a box, weight it then ship it to EMS Korea then it will be ship through airplane to be delivered to EMS Philippines.
domestic delivery done 

Oh, if the fee for the actual weight is greater than the estimated weight by more than 3000won, then you have to pay first your balance before Gmarket further process your order (click here for the worldwide shipping guide).
worldwide shipping in progress
So that's basically it.  I'm just starting so I still do not have enough mileage to convert but once I get the necessary number, I'll share how to use it.
summary on how to buy
PS.  I'm using Mozilla, IE8 or Google Chrome when ordering.  All photos and screenshots are from Gmarket.

Thanks for reading.  Till then.  Bye!


  1. Thank you for this guide! I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award!

  2. wow,, medjo matrabaho nga sya =) big help para sa mga gustong mag PO online +)

    1. yup lalo pag hindi naka english yung pangalan =)

  3. Replies
    1. really cool and it feels like I'm window shopping while sitting

  4. How are the international shipping fees? do they charge a lot? Don't they give out free shipping?

    1. it's pretty expensive!!! and they don't offer free shipping


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