April 22, 2013

Shopping Again, Spending Problem?

It's official, I have a spending problem.  Week by week I buy stuff out of a whim and pre-order Korean goodies without any hesitation.  This week is no exception because after spending thousands on baking stiff, I also bought some items that are relatively cheap but when put together gave a big hollow on my wallet.  I must impose a shopping ban for at least a month  after I pay my online orders and the only exceptions for the ban are black pants for work and ingredients for baking.

Well, shopping is still fun so here are the items from my latest haul.
for cleaning the face
I currently have a konjac sponge from TonyMoly so I have mixed feeling when I saw a similar one in Landmark at P59.75 (around $1.25).  Hay, most korean stores sell it for P120 to P200.  My sister also got curious and bought one for herself and love her first impression when she used it (ahahah she looked like a kid).  The sponge is a back-up, there's 2 in a pack so tig-isa kami ni ate (it's weird to call her ate (older sister)).  From Watsons, I got a peeling gel again as a back-up (that's one of my problem, I'm afraid to not have a spare).  And then, some make-up.
I can't believe I'm buying make-up
I really don't know what to do with the 3D compact and just bought it for experiment, maybe I can use it as a bronzer or highlighter.  Got it on sale for only P60 (around $1.50).  Then got an all over color stick which is really cheap and something for my brows which is a first, never used a product for my brows before but I think it's time to groom them.
scar fighters
For the body I got two stuff from Zenutrients.  Finally, this brand is expanding.  Hope that I would get good results from these two because if yes, then I'll be an avid buyer of their body lotions, body butter and other things to keep my body healthy and well moisturize.
hooray fro mint shoes!!!!
Alas, Mint Green Shoes!!!  I also want an oxford style shoes from Matthews but it's hard to pair it with my clothes since I'm not really a fashionista so the mint green shoes won.

Next, are some whatnots.

I'm in search for a good drugstore conditioners since my last organicone made my scalp very itchy So I'm trying Syoss this time, good thing they have mini bottles.
tame my hair Syoss, I beg you
I can't resist not to stock some hand soaps because they are dirt cheap as in P75 for 2 (san ka pa?).  Cotton pads from Saizen because I'm running out of cotton pads.  2 boxes for P88 which is expensive pala when compared to Watsons *sigh*.
never imagined that I'll be buying these stuffs, my collage self will be shock
Sorry, I haven't made any post/product reviews for the past few days.  I have 5 pending but there's something wrong with my body and I don't what it is but I'm always out of energy.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. lovely haul! i think i have a spending problem too :( i don't recall where my money goes but like the end of each payweek im broke again :(
    the mint shoes look gorgeous, i love anything that's mint coloured :D

  2. Nice haul! I love haul posts! Btw I finally got to post your hand cream and a few samples :) I hope it will arrive there and not held in customs :<

  3. Nice post :) I finally got to post your handcream and some samples ^^

  4. Ooooh sweetie, I can't stop myself from purchasing random stuff too whenever I trawl the malls

    1. Right? :) Even if I don't need it, I still buy. It seems like a stress reliever

  5. @olivia nguyen maybe we should start listing down our expenditures to monitor where our money goes? and mint color is really nice and cool

  6. @Eva, Bunny Kiss thanks much, I'm so excited and I'm crossing my fingers (customs give me my packages)

    1. Sorry for the double post but it said that the first comment failed XD xxx

  7. Ahh I have the same problem, I just cannot stop spending money.. T^T
    There is just soo much cute stuff here in China... so many cosmetics... *Q*
    How are you liking the facial sponges? I am thinking of getting myself one as well~

    And I hope you will feel better soon, restore some energy! ♥
    Maybe if you go outside some more it'll help? It always makes me feel better.

    1. true, there are just some stuff that are hard to resist especially there in china. the konjac are like jelly so soft and squeeshy :)
      thanks I feel better when I went somewhere wirh so many trees, I guess the city where I live is just so polluted. have fun there in China =)


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