December 1, 2013

F21 BOGO and Dapitan Arcade Haul

If you read my mid life crisis post then you probably know by now that I'm bored and any little good distraction would amaze me and so when my sister said she's going to Dapitan arcade, I tag along even if I don't have any stuff in mind.  Despite having arcade in it's name, Dapitan Arcade is not a place full of coin operated entertainment machine but instead full of stuff for your homes like plates, cups, baskets, vases and those kind of stuff that makes me decorate in mind my dream flat.  It was amazing that the place looks like a mini Christmas Village right now because of christmassy decors that my sister couldn't help but get plates with a santa and a snowman, I mean she can only use those during holiday season but still I think it's a very good buy because of it's classy feel and they are the last piece.  I also got some "last piece" stuff for my tea time that I really really adore:

why do I find it elegant?
classic cup

Think I'm weird for being ecstatic for having a big plate and a cup?  Anyway I got those two for only P90 although I think I could get them for P70 if I'm good at bargaining.

I love this effect from pixlr

Moving on,  another distraction for my week is Forever21's sale and BOGO (buy one get one).  I went to the Makati store last Friday evening because my sis went home at around 3pm carrying two bags of F21 goods giddily reporting to me that she found some steal stuff.

So I march inside the store and my oh my the place is in total wreck and the ladies are like bees swarming on every rack of clothes leaving it empty and I'm not exaggerating because I saw a rack of camis and went around for 5 minutes and I when I went back to the cami rack, it's already empty.  Whew, I almost didn't get anything after 30 minutes of looking around and would like to join the bandwagon of guys looking bored with line of shoes as their back-draft while looking and waiting for their girlfriends and wives crazily shopping untill I saw a P555 black  pants and it seems that there's this light/voice guiding me making me look left or right and down to an item.

I managed to grab 7 items but let go of the 2 other because of a defect and a size problem plus buying 4 tops and a pants in one go is already too much for me.

love the collar

This is the first top that got my attention because I'm into collars and it's just hangin in the not sale rack but saw that it has an orange price tag so I know that it's on sale and it's also part of the BOGO event.  This is the priciest that I bought at P719 (original price is P1025 around $27).

for the new year?

Another item that is just chillin the not on sale rack is this polka dotted sleeveless top/shirt dress that I think is perfect for the New Year because it's polka dots plus it has this  ruffles? I don't know what it's called but it can perfectly hide my tummy in case I eat to much.  P619 originally at P915 (around P22).

Now for the BOGOs of the the two.

I'm loving the buttons and I'm loving the "lomo" effect of this photo

The first thing that attracted me is the bronzy button of this shirt.  I'm also loving that it fits perfectly in my shoulder area but a bit loose all over, it's makes me relax but I hope I can wear this on a job interview :P
This is P619, a perfect BOGO for the polka dotted top.

I love the leather detail

Just a simple shirt that I almost bought two months ago (and hallelujah I didn't bought it) that is crumpled on the floor of the store.  Luckily it's on my size and it's only P569 and is the BOGO of the first top.  I actually managed to find a good looking top that also has leather on it that is on the P700 mark to match the P719 top. It fits perfectly when I'm standing but bulges everywhere when I sit so I have to let it go.

the pants that started it all

And of course the pants...I think I'm going to get another one if it's still on sale.  The material is just okay for it's price but I'm liking that I can wear it in a formal, casual or ragged days and it also fits me and I seldom find pants that can fit my unusual body type.

I have enough of the tops but there are a whole lot more items that I wanted to buy like shoes, jackets and cardigan but well I don't think I can rock them so that's it for now and hope that there are more like these kind of promotion from Forever 21 Philippines.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!
p.s.  I'm listening to YouTube Mix - Metric | Youth Without Youth (Official Video) and I'm loving it :)


  1. Same tayo mag shopping.. I almost always buy clothes in these colors! And the plate and cup you got both look lovely. :)

    1. yehey, I think and I guess you also think the colors are versatile kaya kahit sinasabi ng ate ko na boring, I always go with these colors :D


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