December 8, 2013

"LOMO": First Epic Fail

Surprise surprise, look what I got from Mr. Mailman/Deliveryman:

from Lomography Embassy Manila/TeamManila/Digiprint

For the love of Miriam Defensor (hehehe, very brave woman), I finally managed to have my first two films (and my sister's too) processed all thanks to TeamManila, Lomography Embassy and Digiprint for making it happen.  Processing is a bit expensive but I just have to do it to see what I captured.

"Don't think.  Just shoot".  Nice but this quote is just half true when it comes to film photography and I'm not saying this because I'm an expert in this area (I can't even call myself a film photographer or whatever), I'm just an evidence (a newbie) of the failure because I just literally loaded the films in my toy camera and shoot without reading much about films and ISO's (toinks, face palm) as a result most of my shots are a total fail and exposed (my sister's film is totally exposed!).  So if ever you suddenly have the urge to start your adventure with films, research first then "Don't think.  Just shoot".

Here's some of my decent photos that I got (out of 60 shots).  Most are from the film with 200 ISO under a very bright sky in UST, edited/cropped some because my finger is on the way.

Main Building of UST
Under the Sky
Setting Sun in the City
Some greenery after some drops of rain
in front of UST's church

My sister is totally giving up on film photography (her whole roll of film turned out to be overexposed), as for me well I'm disheartened but I still have 1 more film and it has ISO 400 (many favor this film).  Right now I'm thinking of maybe having a theme, I already have  four in mind (selfie, shadors and mirrors, heads and UST because I'm going to UST tomorrow and of course anything and everything under the sun so that's actually five).

Let's see if I'll still enjoy taking picture with  my toy camera :P

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


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