December 9, 2013

Kind of Feeling the Holiday and a Blog Award

I've said in my mask post yesterday at around 5 am that I still don't have the holiday spirit with me but suddenly felt a bit of it when I went to a church because of all the Christmas trees and lights then I went to SM Department Store to buy a huge eraser (will show once I got my order from Paper Chic Studio) and the gift wrappers and paper twines just excites me plus SM also now sell washi tape that I can't help but get one and it's so cool of SM to play a Christmas song from The Killers (yes, from a rock band) while I ransack the washi tape shelves just to get one.

Anyway, the main reason of this post is about the Liebster Award that I got from Misha Lulu of and I'm crushing on the layout of her blog because it looks really neat and organized (unlike mine which is in a bad shape like the owner).  Thanks Missha, I'm actually nervous right while browsing on your questions (I hope I can all answer them).  I think this will be my fourth Liebster Award though I forgot where I wrote my answers to one of it (I am really sorry to the blogger who nominated me) but you can check the other two here and here to know how this award thing works and also know a little about me :)

So here are the questions of Misha (I just copied it)

1. What is your favorite makeup brand?
I am not really into makeup right know but I'm building a basic "makeup kit" and 2 ELF items are on it so I'll go with Elf I guess because it's readily available and affordable.  I have to mention some specific products though that I'm loving:  one is The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost and the second one is the It's Skin Star Cream, both of which are primers.

2. How often do you were makeup?
Hmmm, let's just say 6 times a week because I'm relying on the sun protection in the bb creams or primer that I use plus I'm also wearing on a daily basis a lip balm and if I feel like wearing one or have the time, I also wear blush on and a liner if I feel like experimenting.

3. What are your beauty and skincare must-haves?
For beauty I guess a really good primer that already has a good amount of SPF and for skincare, hmmm that is hard since I'm a skincare junkie but I'll go with a moisturizing essence because it's light and is quickly absorbed by the skin yet still moisturizing.

4. What is your favorite fashion item for this Fall/Winter season?
Fashion is something that I think is out of my range because I just wear what I feel like wearing especially that it's like summertime all the time to where I live right now but I'm liking the shoes below that I got from Kickers although I have to admit that it killed my feet the first time I used it.  Oh I'm liking the tops or dress that has like a collar underneath I actually rummage my closet to improvised and wore two last week.

5. What is your favorite color? Do you often use this color on your nails?
Favorite color would be black and no I don't use it on my nails because I usually don't paint my nails.  I'm a lazy lass and doing my nails takes a lot of my energy.  It's weird that just going to a salon or spa tires me too wherein others feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  I don't know what's wrong with me, I just feel agitated whenever I visit one.

6. What country are you from?
I'm from The Philippines :P

7. Do you have a favorite clothing store?
Clothing store hmmm, my clothes are mostly from Bayo and Forever21 so again, I guess those two are my favorite because they always go on sale.  I like Oxygen too because of their cool clothes and I often visit this Surplus store because I can buy "overrun" yet still very wearable clothes at a low low price.

8. Which makeup product would you like to try out?
The bb or cc cream or foundation that are in "cushions", I'm so curious about them and they look conventional.

9. Lipstick or lip-stain?
Lip-stain.  I'm not an everyday wearer of lipstick (I'm more of a lip balm person).

10. Are you into K-Pop? If so, what are your bias groups and who is your ultimate bias? 
Not really, but I'm hearing a lot of K-Pop and one of my friends are really into Bigbang so I sometimes listen some good BigBang songs when we are hanging out and I also have in my phone right know the acoustic/live session of 2NE1's I Love You and Ugly.  I don't have a particular bias or bands or singer, I'm more on the song/music/track.

11. If you could travel anywhere (fictional and non-fictional) where would you go?
Fictional, I guess Hogwarts (I need some magic right now) and for non-fictional either in South Korea or Japan.

Whew, that's a lot ahahaha.  Anyway, here are my 11 questions (don't be surprised if they are not about make-up)

1.  Favorite type of music and what song your addicted to right now? (mine would be Blindness from Metric and I don't know why I'm answering my own question).
2.  Cooking or baking lately?  What's the weirdest reaction that you got when someone tasted your creation?
3.  I always ask this, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Or are you a cake person?
4.  What is your biggest dream in life that you think is hard to achieve?
5.  Hey since it's Christmas/Holiday Season, what is on the top of your wishlist?
6.  Biggest fear or fascination in life?
7.  Why did you start blogging anyway?  (I started because I wanted to share the info that I gathered from the korean stuff that I got and I'm bored T_T)
8.  Bookworm?  Movie goer? What is the best book/movie that you've read/seen so far?
9. The one product that you can't live without is?
10. The best place that you've been and always been dreaming of coming back (I wanted to go somewhere, maybe I could go to where you always go to).
11. Let's be cheesy, who is your ultimate crush?

Now the hard part (for me because it seems like everyone in my reading list have 200+ followers), nominating.  I think I'm gonna break this part so bloggers out there, if your reading this and have less than 200 followers and is cool with answering my randoms questions then tag yourself or comment your link below and I'll put you on the list :D

Mansy Abesamis (I love her creations!)
Kate Heceta (I hope you are not busy)
Maria (I love your travels and your home )
Trang Luu (I like your Haul #2)
Rae (our weight is cool)
Momodicted (can I just have your boots from your latest outfit?)
Rhania (I wish I could afford Pevonia)
Krisella Chua (the  Masculine Motor Cool Punk Pu Leather Zipper Jacket!!!!)

Yeah, just eight because other bloggers that I follow just also got nominated when I got the award so do please leave your blog link below if you're interested.

Let's all be jolly: ho ho ho!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Wow, awesome answers! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer them~♥
    Also thank you for liking the layout of my blog, your's is adorable too ^_^

    -Misha |

  2. thanks for nominating me! i will answer the questions in my christmas countdown soon ^_^

  3. oh dear =) thanks a bunch! cant afford fr pevonia too.. i only got them as a prize from anniversary giveaway from Ms Rowena and Ms Martha =)

    1. welcome, but ka pa nanalo ka ng bonggang prize :)

  4. congrats on your award arya! :) ako din i tend to really disorganize shelves when i shop esp when it comes to clothing. i try a bazillion items and end up getting a small portion from it ^^

    1. thanks Shayne, I actually wanted to tag you but you already have lots of followers. disorganizing shelves has been a bad habit of mine so I make sure na walang SA while I'm doing the crime :P


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