December 8, 2013

Mizon Peptide and Vitamin C Sheet Mask

I've been neglecting my mask sheets again lately.  But I promised my stressed face that I; Arya De Guzman, will use mask sheets/sheet masks for the weeks to come as often as I can (ewan ko sa sarili ko ano na naman kaya nakain ko?)

Adorable packaging I say, I wanted to hang these masks on a line and just grab them whenever I want.  Oh by the way, I just watch The Hunger Games - Catching Fire and way way better than the first installment.

Mizon Original Skin Energy Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask in Peptide and Vitamin C
Got them from Hipstyle by kat Assuncion, forgot the exact price but it's under P40 ($1)
The sheet and the amount and consistency of the essence is the same with the Hyaluronic variant which I already posted in Mizon Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid.  I have to mention again that the mask that I have from Mizon dries up so quickly as in in just 15 minutes.

The first that I used from the two is the Vitamin C variant.  I'm never been impressed with mask with vitamin c ingredient like lemon or orange for two main reasons:  the smell and either do nothing or breaks me out.  This one from Mizon is on the "do nothing" side.  Well at least it helps me relax a bit before going to sleep but overall I can't say anything good or bad about this mask.

By the way I'm munching on the goodies that I got from our company's "Christmas Basket", it's actually in a bag not in a basket and I'm also watching Vlogmas from essiebuttonvlogs which reminds me that I should already put on my Christmas spirit (I hope it would happen any moment next week).

Mizon Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask Vitamin C

Next is something new for me, it's the Peptide variant.  It says in the description that peptide promotes elastin and collagen growth and removes oxygen free radical and it is highly effective for skin elasticity.  Well I don't know how will these wonders take effect in just one use of a mask but this variant actually made my face well moisturize and soft (that's all I can say).

Mizon Ampoule Essential Sheet Peptide

I guess I stored these masks too long in  my cabinet that I can't feel their full potential.  These #Mizon mask actually have new packaging when I check them out in GMarket and I hope that they will work better because these are quite cheap if bought in bulk.  Anyway, I'm still thankful that I tried them and help me relax even if it's just for a couple of minutes.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!

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