January 16, 2014

Mizon PoreTightening Lotion

When the words "face lotion" first crossed my mind, all I said was "what the".  I just couldn't believe that another un-understandable skincare product was born and I was like nah I'll never gonna try it, I simply don't need it.

But destiny has it's own way and without pany intention of meeting the thing, face lotion and I meet as if we're meant to cross each others world.  Destiny, fate or whatever you may call it, I'm glad I met such a good friend, I mean product.

Guys, meet Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Tightening Lotion.

Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Tightening Lotion
online price around $13 to $17
got it for P710 (around $17)

I am supposed to be getting the pore essence and a clay mask  from the Pore Line of Mizon so I agreed to pay $17 because I'll be getting 2 products, unfortunately for me the link of Mizon suddenly changed and got this lotion unsale.  Oh well, I have to be smarter next time.

The Pore Skin Turnaround line from Mizon is actually for oily skin type but having the word "tightening" in the essence and lotion makes me think that it can help my big pores (I have dry skin type by the way).

it seems melting

Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Tightening Lotion is a water based moisturizer that can control sebum and has a new pore refining formula.  It says in the description that it is quick absorbing and reduces oiliness while keeping skin well-hydrated and over time, helps skin create stronger supports for tightened pores.

And I have to agree with Mizon that this lotion is quick absorbing. I don't know if you can see the "melting effect" in the above picture but once I put this product on my skin, it seems that it turns runny and just seems like water sinking into my skin once spread.  I asked my sister to also try this (she have oily skin type) and she have the same observation and she liked that it's moisturizing but not heavy nor greasy on her skin at all.

As for my dry skin, well I still need the help of an emulsion or a cream to fully hydrate my  face.  For the tightening of pores part, well for the first week I am impressed because it tightened/made my pores appear smaller let's say around 25% but on the second week there's not much of a difference anymore but I continued using it for maintenance of the "tightened pores" and at the same time it does really help in making my skin hydrated without any harsh effect.  Plus this one replaces my toner.

The scent might be an off for those who do not like scented skincare products because it has this fresh and a bit overwhelming smell like those in scented stationery  but once applied on the skin, the scent disappears.  As for the packaging, it's heavy because of the glass bottle which I don't mind plus it's sturdy too (I dropped it a couple of times).  I never had a problem with the pump too and dispenses the same amount everytime I use it (I use two pumps for my whole face and neck).

I did my best but the text on the box are just too small

Face lotions in general are use after washing the face followed by a toner.  I digressed and skip the toner part whenever I use this lotion I mean I just couldn't accept that I put a product on my face then wipe it with cotton pad filled with toner?  For me it's a waste, although I'm aware that my skin already absorbed the first product but still there's maybe a little left on the surface of the skin (Am I still making sense).

Anyway, this product opened my mind to face lotions. This one from Mizon is best for those with oily skin type and can be use alone as a moisturizer (if in case you do not like to layer products) because it's light yet moisturizing and can help in tightening ore lessening the appearance of pores (just look for a great deal online, Mizon most of the time throw some amazing sale).

That's it!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I wanted to try that product but did not know if it worked... I did not think the Mizon snail eyecream helped me out with the fine lines, so I never ordered that one. I'm glad to know it actually tightens the pores, even if it's by 25%, it would be good.


    1. good thing you mentioned about the eye cream, I am actually thinking of ordering it. I have the snail gel cream and at first it was doing it's magic but then after a couple of weeks I don't see any good progress anymore. it seems like Mizon products only works up to a certain extent

  2. My goodness, it actually works in minimising your pores?! That I gotta own!

    1. In my case yes, but up to a certain extent only (around 25% only)

  3. Hi.. This sounds good :-) on what site did you order this product? I'm new in the Korean make up world..

    1. hi, I ordered it through a facebook seller but she's not active now. You can also try Sae Sil Parknshop in facebook or Gmarket

  4. hi, for your info, it is suppose to be cleanser>toner>lotion :)

    1. yup yup, but some descriptions in product boxes says otherwise like this one


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