January 15, 2014


While trying to force myself to update my resume, I realize that I'm scared to take an interview.  It's been a long time since I have my last interview and while reminiscing it, I suddenly remembered that I suck at it because I'm not good with words...I'm more of "I'll show how" person because it's hard to explain...this will drag me for the rest of my week.

Another "sucky" thing is I still haven't started anything that is in my to do list, I'm actually doing the opposite by eating a lot and just laying around chillin hahaha.  I'm trying to be cool with it by always laughing and smiling (well compared to before) which I think is really good because I can slowly see my old happy self and hopefully everything will just follow, yehey!

small things in a big world

Some cute stuff above:  I just suddenly saw the mini burger just chilling in the main building of UST and I think it's funny I mean what is the mini burger doing in one of the pillars of the huge building?  Another cute thing is the mini tic tac that my niece gave me, it's so small it can fit in my wallet or in the pocket of my skinny jeans.

Ohhh I also went to Divisoria last week (you might already seen the washi tapes that I got from my Liebster Award for the nth Time post) after a long time and got some really nice and cheap PJ's, three to be exact.  The other one is "terno" meaning pair and it's been a long time since I wore something terno in my "adult" life...now that I'm thinking about it maybe I just bought it so I can tease my niece because she liked the design but there's no available size for her...very bad auntie right ahahaha don't worry she's already in her 20's like me.  The other two are just the pants and they are so cheap considering the good quality that I immediately bought two because it reminded me of those PJs that I saw in Victoria's Secret catalog only cheaper at P100 (around $2.25, oha san ka pa).  I specifically love the one with the flower print:

cheap stuff from Divisoria
And I also bought a pair of shoes, another chipipay but in good quality find.

kikay stuff

My sister ordered some make-up in Bon Marche and decided to get a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Fig Jam (yes, we are now girls...my mom and my older sisters will be happy when they hear this) because the swatches online looks good but I have to admit that I hate the color of the packaging so much, it looks so old for me...well I hope the color is really good on my lips (I haven't open it).  I also got another bottle of the Moringa Oil because it seems like it's good for my skin but just a bottle is not enough to justify my claim (hmmm the words seems familiar...oh lyrics from Human of The Killers) inside my head.

Well, I will just leave you with these cookies that I made and hope you are having a great start of the new year.  Cheers (I'm raising my tea cup!).

sugar or butter cookies?  it's an elephant!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Cookies! <3 btw I love tic tac. It's a staple in my bag when I was still in school :)

    1. yeah cookies and I made them :) I only know about tic toc when I was already in college hahaha


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