January 14, 2014

Liebster Award for the nth Time

I'll just show you first the washi tapes that I got from Divisoria because I think they are pretty :)

cheap washi tapes

Back to business.  Reason for this post is for me to finally answer the questions from two awesome bloggers who nominated me for Liebster Awards.  The first one is from Mizu of fairywater79.blogspot.com and the second one is from Amicia Rai of amiciarai.com.  Thanks a bunch guys!

Let's start with Mizu's:

from Mizu's blog

1.  What got you into blogging? What inspired you to do it?

I was having a hard time looking for some descriptions and honest reviews on the korean products that I got and one day I just decided to share what I've research and thought about it.  I started with tumblr but I felt that it's too complicated to upload pics there and remembered that my brother who is also into blogging used blogger and voila...The Certified Latebloomer is born.

2.  If you could look like anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

I don't know why but Scarlett Johansson came into my mind.


3.  Right now what is your most favorite lipstick/lipbalm? Remember to put down the shade! :)

It's the Nichido Lip Blush Vitamin E in Forever Love because it's moisturizing and has this natural looking tint when I'm wearing it.

4.  What are your new years resolution for next year?

None but I got a to do list that you can read in my Happy 2014 post.

5.  When you go outside what is the must have product you have to put on your face before people can see you?

One of the reason why I'm a certified latebloomer is that up to now, I'm not into make-up and I'm only buying them to experiment on and at the same time to "prettify" myself when necessary for example my sister says "will you please fix yourself" when we go out for something and I only hand combed my hair.  I don't mind people seeing my "naked" face, I feel human.  But to answer your question...hmmm lip balm to moisturize my dry lips?  Well that only half answered your question, oopsie :)

6.  Do you have any inner artist? In what way do you channel out the artsie side of you?

I guess?  Not sure?  The problem is I start on something that I think I'm good at but never finishes it because I get bored easily.

7.  How much makeup do you usually wear when you feel like getting fancy or when going out on a date?

Never really been into a date, that's a fact and I also don't go to an event that I needed to be very fancy but if I need to prettify myself...I just want look simple by using a bb cream, blush and a sheer lipbalm/lipstick..I'm working on the eyeliner area.

8.  What is something that you have been wanting really bad for Christmas?

A fantastic, terrific, megahappy and high paying job! LOL

9.  If you read other blogs, what sort of content do you usually look for?

Honest reviews...cheap fantastic finds...awesome recipes..diy and crafts...home decor inspiration...photos

10.  What are your goals that you want to reach with your blogging?

Well my small baby blog started with just the thought of sharing what I have to say about a certain product or whatever comes to my mind but lately I'm also hoping that it will attract something big...like paid advertisement or sponsorship so I don't have to worry about buying stuff to feature on my blog without ripping off my usual honesty when I'm reviewing.

11.  What do you look for in a boyfriend? (wink wink wink)

Oh gosh this is hard...I can't think of any trait...I can't answer this question!!!!!

From Amicia Rai:

from Amicai Rai's blog

1.  What’s your favorite book?

Books actually, it's The Series of Unfortunate Events book series (I have the whole set)...Aside from the simple story with profound lesson/meaning behind, the book itself looks gorgeous.

2.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The top of the Eiffel Tower or if it's an instant going up then Mt.  Fuji.  I just want feel like I'm the King of the World.

3.  What’s your dream job?

I'm currently clueless right...I'm still looking...literally looking :)

4.  Favorite food?

Roast-beef if I'm not mistaken.  I just love the tender juicy beef in gravy...yum yum

5.  Have you ever written anything like a poem or any other type of fiction or non-fiction work? If not, would you like to?

Couplet!  I wrote some on my "real/personal" fb page.  I would love to write a mini series with links of the music that seems suitable to the story and I actually have the draft in mind but couldn't get myself to actually write it in this blog. 

6.  Favorite holiday of the year and why?

New Year!  It marks the start of awesome sales because stores will get rid of the items that are in christmas/holiday packaging hehehe.

7.  Who is you favorite blogger?

Not really a blogger but the blog itself...A Beautiful Mess because it has everything.

8.  Show me a picture of your ideal wedding dress!

I never imagined my wedding dress...it seems like I'm not going to get married but I'm looking into the net right now for some inspiration...I wanted something that is a bit shouting like "yup, I'm a wedding dress not the bridemaid's"...okay found something nice...and maybe a beautiful back details like the ones from this site.


9.  Are you scared of any animals?

Not really as long that they will not harm me.

10.  Would you prefer to live in a house or in a flat?

A flat...I think it's easier to maintain a flat.  But I wanted a big glat with a nice spacius kitchen, a cozy library and a lovely refreshing garden and the bed should be comfy...the bathroom should be neat and clean...I all have it in my mind :)

11.  How long have you been a blogging?

I've been blogging for almost 18 months now...and counting!

Okay...I already nominated a lot of bloggers before and can't think of any now so if you, yes you happen to have a blog that has less than 200 followers then answer the questions that I posted here and comment down below your link, alright?

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


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