January 10, 2014

What Should I call This?- Another Haul

Should I start calling this kind of haul Faux GMarket haul since everything I order from Bae Lu is from GMarket???

This probably is my largest online haul that my big Forever21 bag is hall full.  What can I do, retail therapy is addicting and I had lots of stress last year (when I ordered all these stuff).  Most of the items might already be familiar to you if you have read Just Sharing my Excitement post, I'll just put the links from GMarket if in case you're interested to order them too plus I also ordered some make-up stuff (can you believe that?).

nice boxed sets
First is from this shop that sells samples from Amore Pacific (I hope I'm not mistaken).  Here's the GMarket link to the shop.  By the way, recheck the links...the seller constantly change the items in his shop's links.

I got the IOPE Moisture Intense Miniature Set which includes a softener a.k.a. toner, an emulsion, a cream, a cleanser and a sun cream.  Each order includes 2 boxed sets and a freebie (mine is a 3W hand lotion) for 7,500won (I paid around P500 to Bae Lu).  You can check the set here or here.  I got two orders so that I won't have to pay extra local shipping fee.

I also ordered the IOPE Bio Activator samples (40 sachets plus 2 mask sheets as a freebie) which I will use as a serum.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the item anymore in the shop...too bad there's a lot of good reviews with this product.

3 orders in total from IOPE

Next is from Laneige.  I am supposed to get samples of eye creams but the link that I gave to Bae Lu changed and got the Moisture Care miniature set instead which includes a softener, an emulsion, gel cream and the very famous water sleeping pack plus 2 sheet masks as a freebie (link can be found here).  I also got the Water Bank Essence (4 with 15 ml product content, link can be found here) and the Original Essence White Plus Renew (4 with 10 ml product content, link can be found here).  The price before for each order is 7500won (got them from Bae Lu around P500) but they are now priced at 9900won per order.

3 orders in total from Laneige

Next is from this shop that sells high-end korean cosmetic product samples.  Here's the link to the GMarket shop.  Oh by the way most sample shop from GMarket has this mandatory freebie rule.

all from Sulwhasoo, well except for the pore strips

There's no way that I can afford a full size Sulwhasoo products so gorabels na me with samples.  From the Renewing Ginseng Line I got the face cream (3 pieces per order), the sleeping pack (3 pieces per order) and the eye cream (33 sachets) for 7500won each order (paid Bae Lu around P500 too per order) and got pore strips as mandatory freebies.  I also got the "basic" emulsion (6 pieces per order).

Unexpectedly, one of my Missha order was already included in the December shipment.  I got this Misa Essence when Missha was having a 50% off on certian products.  Originally it cost 13800won but got it for only P380 (which I think is already cheap for an essence).  GMarket link here.

Misa Essence, everything is in korean

Now for makeup.  I got the 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder (formerly known as Palgantong) in Transparent Pearl (number 10) for only P230, the cheapest I can find online (thanks Bae Lu for finally offering this in your online shop).

Last is from Clio which is my disappointment from this haul.  I guess, I didn't understand the promo and the translation is not correct so I got the wrong shade plus I didn't get what I expected.  I'm supposed to get two eyeliner: one black and one brown plus a lipnicure as a freebie instead I got one eyeliner in "Bloody Red" if I'm not mistaken and a pot of lip balm for P580...for me it's not worth it so, sorry Clio but I will not order from you unless it is super duper clearly indicated in your site the things that I will be getting.  Anyway, here's the link of their GMarket shop.

bloody wrong order
Oh my, Bae already knows that I'm a huge mask addict so it's not a surprise that she sent mask in sheet and in spreadable form as freebies and I'm very happy that I got the cream from the soybean line of Innisfree (I wanted to order the essence before but it's so darn expensive).  I wonder what kind of drink/tea though are those pack in pink?

love them!
Wow it took me two hours to edit everything.  Hope you enjoyed this haul.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. Shooocks, naexcite ako sa loot mo! Ok na ako sa skin care routine ko ngayon but if there's one skin care line na gusto ko ma-try, it's the whole line of Laneige products. Na-try ko na yung mga sample sleeping pack at pore minimizing pack nila, and yung essence something and iba-ibang sunblock. Sobrang ok, namamahalan lang ako.

    Since dapat may maubos muna ako before I buy something again, I'll bookmark their link na lang. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Ay oo ang mahal nga ng laneige to think nasa mid range category sila pero i have the sleeping pack natsambahan ko na may sale and a toner na napanalunan ko...pero for now satisfied na ako sa samples :)

  2. aw... what a lovely haul... I love laneige and sulwhasoo <3

    1. haven't tried any laneige or sulwhasoo product so I'm excited to try all of these :)

  3. Such awesome products you got!!!!! I'm really jealous!!!!!
    I'm still waiting for an order I place in mid December...
    I hope those products you bought work for you and then pllease do make reviews about them!


    1. I'm a bit ashamed but it may take a while before I can review these stuff...I'm slacking off again :P
      hope you'll get your orders soon

  4. dear magugustuhan mo yung water bank essence =) hahay ang mahal kasi sa pinas =( totoo.. at kaya mahal mga imported products dito sa tin dahil sa patong patong na tax =( i wanna buy from gmarket too pero di ko alam kung paano hehehe

    1. sobrang mahal nga...nagorder na ako sa gmarket kaya lang hinaharang ng customs pag medyo malaki yung box eh kay nagpapaorder na lang ako

    2. so far, nagugustuhan ko nga yung water bank essence...moisturizing without the stickiness

  5. Wow! Such an amazing haul! :D My fave items here are from Laneige! :)

    1. amazing inded...the water bank essence is so far doing good on my dry skin :)

  6. I'm wondering about the custom tax? xD Did it have to go through it? I want to order from GMarket kaso I'm afraid of the unbelievable markup from customs lol

    1. I think it depends on how big your purchase is but I read lots of posts about how their package got into customs and customs is just unpredictable...anyway I don't like dealing with them so I just go to a third party seller like Bae Lu


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