February 6, 2014

Cold Weather Buddies

The weather at the start of the year is unbelievably cold and even if it's already wearing off and the summer breeze is coming (well, that's the case here in the Philippines), my skin is still super dry and itchy so I still continue to use the these products that helped me get through the nice yet harsh weather.

Secret Key Argan Angel Moisture Steam Cream
I wanted to get out and ran to the nearest grocery when I ran out of the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow but I pinched myself and said "Hey, you still have a lot of lotions to get through" so I rumble my mini department store and found two lovely tin cans.  They are from Secret Key and they are steam cream and they have argan as the main ingredient and they are super creamy and heavy so they are perfect for cold weather.  But they are dense and creamy that I have a tiny bit of a problem in spreading it so I use oil to kind of soften the texture.

Moringa O-2 Malunggay Oil
And so I used the malunggay (moringa oil) from Moringa O-2.  Before this, I'm using the dry oil from The Body Shop but it seems like they don't make the surface of my skin well moisturized and velvety and so I switch to something heavier.  Some say that this moringa oil is on the light side, I don't believe that because although it's lighter than baby oil it's still heavier than dry or argan oil and it doesn't sink into my skin immediately which I love for this kind of weather because it prevents the outer layer of my skin from "scale-ing" plus this one doesn't have an unpleasant smell.

Nature Republic Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
I thought that I'll just be using this gel during summertime but I'm totally wrong because this gel just soothe my itchy skin.  Period!

Soap and Glory Hand Food
Almost every hour I do my business in the comfort room and when you do your business in the CR of course washing your hands is a must, right?  I'm very thankful that Eva Nyah of Bunny Kiss sent this to me as a prize because it just makes my hands soft and moisturized even if I already washed my hands twice unlike other lotions that the moisturizing wears off after washing.  I wish I could win another of this thing again.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry
Finally have the reason to use this lip balm.  It's heavier than my usual lip balm in sticks and helps in moisturizing my pout throughout the night plus I love the smell!  I have to let it sip it first into my lips though before I get in the sack or else my pillows would totally be sticky (but smelling good) the next morning.

Missha Super Aqua Deep Hydro Cream
My usual creams works fine on my dry skin on normal 30 degrees weather.  Having a 19 to 25 degrees weather is a different case, I need something heavier so after finishing Etude House's Moistfull Collagen Cream, I immediately grab this from my cream pile.  It's creamier than EH's Collagen Cream but not as heavy as the steam cream from Secret Key because it's "hydro" yet it works like a normal cream in a cold weather 'cause even if I wanted my skin to be well moisturized, I don't like to put something on my face that is super heavy.

Renuzit Northern Pine Gel Air Freshener
A bonus to this set of products is this air freshener.  It just makes a gloomy smelling place fresh.  I love the pine scent that's coming from and I love the pine tree design all over it (it's cute, I hope this is available all year round).

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I still have a few to wait until a summer breezedecides to make its appearence! But true that the cold weather leaves skin very dry and even an oily skin like mine needs something more hydrating in winter.
    I'm really interested in buying Secret Key Argan cream. I've seen those around and I think they might good. And the Missha Super Aqua sounds interesting because it doesn't leave you face greasy.
    I'm sure the pine smell is lovely
    And yes, let's keep our fingers crossed so that we can become two of those 10 bloggers for the ibuybeauti blog!


    1. the Secret Key Argan cream is usually on a buy 1 take 1 in gmarket and the tin can is just really pretty...so far I'm impressed with missha skincare products, with the cream since it's a bit heavy than most of the cream that I used I'm going to either have to finish before february ends or reserved whatever that is left for colder months again...fingers crossed I hope we could really be part of the beautifan :D

  2. ooo congrats on winning Soap and Glory Hand Food, was going to ask how can you get soap and glory in the PH ^^ its a little overpriced in ebay :(

    1. thanks, I actually don't know where to buy it. it's hard to find a seller that sells soap and glory that in a much cheaper price :(

  3. I love The Body Shop lip balms there super moisturizing :)

  4. That's a lovely collection for Winter. I sometimes had dry skin on a particular time so really need those moisturising products too!


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