February 5, 2014

Innisfree It's Real Tea Tree Mask and Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack

I just have a haircut that makes my brother continuously tease me saying that I can now be part of "that's my tomboy" contest in Showtime.  I showed the hair-cutter the picture below and he/she was shocked and ask me if I'm sure about it and said I'm pretty pretty sure about it (my hair is shoulder length and I think 10 to 12 inches of hair was cut).  But it seems like she assumed that I wanted my hair really really short that the shortest piece of my hair now is in my eyebrows, yikes!  Anyway in 2 weeks time maybe, my haircut will look like what the below lovely girl is sporting.


The word "assumed" keep me babbling because if there's one variant of mask that I think can help me get rid of pimples or redness on my face , it's gotta be tea tree.  I always assumed that it can dry out zits and tame the redness and itchiness of my allergies or small bumps on my face.

I tried the Innisfree it's real tea tree mask yesterday and it's time to judge it's efficacy.

Innisfree It's Real Tea Tree Mask
Regular price 950 won/$1
20ml of essence
Got it from Kkochi Pida online store for P35
Links:  Innisfree GlobalInnisfree facebook pageKkochi Pida facebook page

It says in the packaging that it has tea tree complex and green complex and has this description that is actually the same with the rest of Innisfree masks under It's Real line but we all know that tea tree variant soothes troubled skin.

For the photo of the mask sheet, you can just go to my Avocado variant post.  Let's just go straight to the smell which is very horrible, it's alcohol to the max.  I have a small bottle of tea tree oil and the essence of this mask doesn't smell like it.

Another horrible thing about this mask is that the essence is sticky and when I pat the excess (when I already removed the mask sheet off my face), it got stickier and my face looks oily and I wanted to wash my face but for the sake of knowing if this mask works, I sleep with a sticky face.

Luckily, this mask somehow helped in soothing the bumps and redness on my face and the pimple that I have on my cheeks got smaller and less angry.  My face is quite moisturized too considering that it's tea tree which usually dries out skin.  Effective mask but I just really hate the strong alcohol smell.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack
Regular price 500won/$.49
Got it from Bhappywithme for P20
Links:  Gmarket Innisfree pageBhappywithme

Moving on to another Innisfree product, I tried just now the Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack that has scoria and green complex.  It's a nose strip but based on the back of the packaging, it can also be used on the chin and forehead and I'm thinking that maybe I can also use it in my cheeks to remove whiteheads.

everything in korean

The strip is quite different with others that I tried; wherein they are shape in a weird way to better fit the nostril area, this one however just have a simple curve cut at the top and just straight with 3 cuts at the bottom (the three extra cut didn't help much though).

and this is how the strip looks like

Since there's no english instruction on how to use this thing on the packaging, I just use it the way I use my regular pore strips that is wetting the nose area and putting the sticky part on it.  After like more or less a minute, I can feel some heat on my nose and also the strip started to harden.  I waited 15 minutes before stripping the strip off.

There are some blackheads that are sticking out and needed to be pluck but overall this pore strip/nose pack removes the majority of my blackheads and whiteheads that almost all the area of the strip is pack with those nasty -heads.

That's it!

Thanks for reading. Till then. Bye!


  1. I've also tried and tested this product and I am so happy it works for me :)

  2. The haircut in the picture looks really cool. I've used that many years ago, BUT when you cut your hair, it never looks the same as the picture. It usually takes, like you said, a couple of weeks to really llok the way you wanted. I unfortunately know how that works!
    I would like to try the jeju volcanic nose pack, though.


    They say tee trea is very good for acne. When I was a teenager, it did help back then, but now it seems to harsh for me. Still I'm glad that this mask worked and that you skin did not get to dry. A shame it smells so much like alcohol.

    1. the smell really sucks and the essence is a bit uncomfortable to sleep with but at least it help with the redness of my skin and pimples.

      I really love the cut of the girl, mine is the much much shorter version, hoping that my hair grows a little faster this month since my siblings think I look like a boh :P

  3. The effects of the mask sound great, but I just couldn't cope with the smell x


    1. the smell is really something that stopping me from repurchasing the mask

  4. I want my face masks to smell pleasant since they're supposed to be a quick pampering me-time! :p

    1. correct! I'm quite surprised with the smell since Innisfree's ingredients are supposed to be natural? not sure now


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