May 27, 2014


Sorry for the blurry photo. I think I'm in a hurry to eat when I took the photo above so that completely explains the blurriness.  Anyway, I finally tried to make pizza from scratch all thanks to Byron Talbott but I still have to practice more on dough making, I totally suck and there are times that the dough won't totally rise (like the one in the photo below).  I think I need to search for that dry active yeast to engulf the beauty of making dough (the ones in the supermarket nearby only sells the instants).

tomato sauce and dough

As for the sauce, I just used diced tomatoes that are in can because I don't have a food processor.  I also skipped the oregano (this spice is not appreciated in our household) and sometimes reduce the amount of the chili flakes from Mr. Talbott's recipe and just add 1 tablespoon of sugar (instead of two) in the dough.  I tried putting 2 tablespoons and the crust was too sweet, it's almost like pandesal.

assemble and bake and voila!

Yum yum, I now like lots of tomatoes and basil leaves in my pizza.  I wouldn't be posting the recipe in this post, just go to Byron Talbott's youtube channel here.  And if you have a wonderful pizza recipe from scratch, please do share it with me ;)


  1. That looks delicious! :D

    I agree that it takes a little more time to perfect dough making skills. Just remember to kneed it very gently and to let it rest more than once for half an hour each time. So kneed it, let it rest for 30 mins, kneed it, let it rest, kneed it one last time and then it's done! :D

  2. im really impressed with those who make pizza from scratch, esp the kneeding and tossing part. it looks hard to me :)

    1. me too, I really wish I can toss my dough without thinking if it will stick to our ceiling but it is so hard to knead, I think I'll have big muscles in my arms if I knead a big batch ahahaha


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