May 25, 2014

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil

I know, crazy editing of photo up there but I'm liking it.  I've been down lately so some splash of color is very much welcome.  Anyway, I'll be sharing with you this "weird" product from The Body Shop.  Weird in a way that I can't find in the net how dry oil really works but I find this really amazing and I keep on praying that The Body Shop will offer some kind of promo to all their dry oil.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil is a dry oil that is for body, face and hair.  It is supposed to be an all in one product but I only use this on my body as my face react to this badly like a mini zit will appear after just a couple of application and  it just won't work on my hair.  BUT on my body, this works wonderful as it just sinks in to my skin leaving it soft and smooth (and the longer I use it, the smoother my skin gets) without the grease of an oil or even from the lotion.

Aside from Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil, there are other three precious nut oils in it namely kukui, sweet almond and Community Fair Trade marula oil.  I'm not sure how these oils smell but this dry oil so so sweet like a concoction of sugar and caramel then sugar and caramel then sugar and caramel (and on and on and on) that I wouldn't be surprised if there are ants crawling on my skin.

I also find this convenient to use.  While my skin is still damp, I spread an ample amount all over my body put my towel on and before I could find the clothes to wear for the day the dry oil already sunk in to my skin (way faster than my usual lotions).

Tried dry oil lately?

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