June 26, 2014

and it's all Hair Products

Just a quick post with most of the stuff that I use on my hair while drinking a cup of tea and a donut, a combo that is comforting in this gloomy rainy weather (it's not summer here anymore).

Watsons Revitalizing Treatment Shampoo
I like the honey variant better mainly because of the smell:  this one has more like a baby powder scent...it's as if the shampoo is sprinkled with some powder.  I like getting these shampoos from Watsons because they are big, they works just fine and most importantly, CHEAP!

Hair Fix Hair Treatment Deep Repair
It seems like I'm sensitive with sensitive nowadays because I hate the smell of this one, it's like a pomade and it's so strong it can last two days on my hair, what a bummer.  But aside from the smell, this hair treatment is really good as it moisturizes my hair making it shiny and bouncy and I also like the fact that it's in sachet instead of tub...it means I can try other variants (this one is argan oil & aloe vera) or other hair treatments from other brands without spending too much hehehe.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
I remember hating Clairol products before because it makes my hair stiff, frizzy and tangled and it's a good thing that they improved a LOT!  This is probably one of my favorite conditioners to date:  it's light as if my hair absorbs it real quick, it's easy to rinse, it has a nice light smell (nothing too strong and I hope the girls who wanted to sway their hair on the train would use this instead of the overpowering flower smell (I think more overpowering than the powerpuff girls) from other conditioner brands) and gives the right amount of moisture (nothing greasy).  It hit all the necessary basics!

Loreal Total Repair Night Essence
An impulse buy cause by the sudden change of hairstyle from shoulder length to the unexpected pixie hair.  I'm thinking that if my hair is less damage, it'll grow way way faster and hair products are my desperate cry.  I'm not a fan of "leave on" hair products and this is no exception because it does nothing.  I don't feel that it's helping my hair and it just makes my hair shiny for a short period of time (I put this at night after a bath, wake up with a shiny hair and wouldn't wash it for the shininess' sake by midday, my hair feels heavy and greasy).  A waste for me, I should have just gotten a hair treatment mask...but most of the part I think it's me not use to using "leave on" products fault.


  1. lol at the powerpuff girls reference :) i used to also dislike Clairol products then lately i kept seeing b/vloggers mentioning their hair products so i gave it a go. it improved a lot talaga, which is nice cause i love their packaging. PS : your top pic - it looks like the bottles were pinned on the cork board galing

    1. sobrang nag improved nga, pati packaging...ahahaha, i only noticed now that the bottles seems to be pinned on the cork board, hehehe di siya sadya


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