June 21, 2014

Fancied de Lata: Spicy Tuna in Green Beans

It's saturday night already here in our country, still haven't done grocery...our fridge is almost empty-inhabited with ice cubes, cold water and some papayas (which I really don't like, but it's good for the skin so I still weeping-ly drink it (I shake them)) and our savior are canned goods.  We call foods that are in can here "de lata", it's a staple goods in the pantry that saves a hungry stomach when the fridge is all out.  Tuna is the most popular de lata especially when I was still in college.  Just open and pour it over a hot rice and I'm good to go but of course eating it almost everyday kinda makes a meal very boring so we (my sister and I) spiced it up and come up with Spicy Tuna in Green Beans.

The ingredients are no brainer:
oil enough to saute garlic
minced garlic (depends how much you like)
thinly sliced green beans or what we call here baguio beans (depends on how much you like)
a can of tuna flakes in spicy oil
salt and pepper to taste
soy sauce, optional

How to:
1.  Saute garlic.
2.  Add string beans, saute until tender (but hopefully still a bit crispy).
3.  Add the tuna.
4.  Season with salt and pepper.
5.  If you are going to eat it with rice, then add some soy sauce for extra saltiness and flavor.
6.  Simmer until everything is cooked.

And voila!  A not so boring meal!


  1. Hm... Masubukan nga ito. Hindi ako ang mismog magluluto, pero ipapaluto ko. Mukang masarap (bukod sa obvious na masustansya ito).

    1. sige lang, mabilis at madali lang siyang lutuin at tama ka, masustansiya siya kahit papaano

  2. On nom nom! That looks like a hearty, healthy dish! Never would have thought to combine beans and tuna but now that you have given us this recipe, I shall give it a try o.O

  3. this is the type of food im allowed to eat atm. thats why lately ive been eating fish lang and i realized that idk a lot of recipes that involves fish so thanks for this! :)

  4. I've tried this with cabbage naman, never pa with beans, now I know what I will cook next! :D thanks for sharing this! I just had my blog hopping this morning and it's nice to see this type of post, really appreciate it! A break from beauty readings :D


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