July 17, 2014

Just Some Products in My Closet

It took me three photo sessions just for me to get decent photos for this post and the post before this, the new place where I moved in just don't have enough natural lighting (and props, now I miss my niece cork board) so forgive the uneven color and blurriness of my pictures.

I love aloe gel and tried some from a couple of brands namely Nature Republic and It's Skin and so far this is the one with the most aloe on it at 95%.  The Saem Big Brother Soothing Aloe Gel offers the same goodness of the aloe gels I used:  it's soothing, refreshing and lightly moisturizers the skin without being sticky...it's a good companion on summer days especially when it's as if the skin is hot and burning as this can cool it down.  This one from The Saem is more jiggly (comparing it with Nature Republic's) and is not clumpy (comparing it with It's Skin's).  I like that it has more aloe but based on availability (I pre-ordered this) and affordability (because of the shipping fee), I'd chose Nature Republic (which is most of the time available in the malls that I go to).

I got this Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream for free when I bought the serum from the same line...and I don't like it.  It has the same instant almost like erasing and smoothing of the skin like a primer would do effect but this one gives mini bumps on my face.  I thought the bumps would start to go away after 2 weeks of using but they just multiply so I used this instead on my feet but it's sticky and I feel a little itchiness from using it so I just have to give up on this product.  Also, I feel some grittiness when I apply it on my face, I don't know where it's coming from since the cream looks smooth.

This mist is an impulse buy when I was strolling in a mall while everyone seems to be panic buying plus it's from a brand that is new to my eyes and I can't believe that it's under Samsung!  A regular type of mist from a spray bottle which I hate because it doesn't sprit evenly (sometimes it squirts) and upon browsing mist from other brands, it hits me that I could have gotten a mist with a better packaging with what I paid for this but anyway, this is a handy mist that instantly refreshes my face without drying it or sets my makeup or tone down a bb cream when I apply slightly too much and it can also be use as a toner.  I don't know about the effect of the Coenzyme Q10 in it since I don't regularly use this stuff.


  1. I saw the aloe gel of nature republic at Daiso and I almost bought it! It looks so multifunctional kasi. Saan mo ginagamit aloe gel mo sis?

    1. most of the time, I use aloe gel as a moisturizer during daytime since it's light and non sticky, I sometimes use it as a prep product before I apply my skincare more like to cool my face when it's hot. but you can also use aloe gel to your hair and nails and can be the "essence" of your cotton mask:)


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