August 3, 2014

July 2014: Boots, Signing Off, and a Little More

There are times that I'm just full of energy to blog that I post so much in just a week and then the laziness strikes and I'm like a ghost who disappears and suddenly appears just like now.  I'm just a bit lonely, uninspired, and un-accomplish this month (and even last June) that I can't find the energy to write the right words for product reviews but the good thing is, I have 95% of the photos I need this August and hopefully can put words into them to keep this blog alive and well kicking!  Oh I'm also a bit lazy to find all the videos of my playlist this month, internet kinda sucks (it's so slow, I can't even watch Claire Marshall's vlogs properly).

Aside from trying PNR (what an experience I must say), I'm also trying to incorporate some things that is not typical in my closet like the boots above.  I'm from a tropical country and wearing boots is just....just thinking about wearing them makes my feet sweat!  But hey, it's rainy season now and I got them on sale so why not.  The only problem is the opening is just so wide that my only choice is to tuck my skinny jeans and I'm still not used  to it.  Share any ideas to me on how to wear this boots properly and the "stylish" yet simple way!

And because I'm feeling lonely, I shop! but there's no skincare or makeup products this time.  Just clothes but I deleted all my photos since most of them are just basic, so I will just show you this denim button down shirt which I've been dying to have since last year and finally found a piece in my size!  These are comfortable to wear and quite versatile, love it much!

And lastly, properly saying goodbye to these three thru blog post because they served me well.  As you can see the brushes' hairs are falling like crazy and they gave me "whiskers" whenever I use them now and the blush I think is already expired because I bought and started using it like more than a year ago and cream blushes are only good for a year, I don't want to risk so Goodbye to Artish Studio Powder Brush, Ecotools Mini Kabuki Brush, and ELF Blush--thank you for being a part of my early stage kaartehan!

I hope everyone will have a great August, I'm looking forward to this month.  I'll be a ghost again for some days or weeks but I'll be back, for sure :) so stick around!


  1. Hey! Nice post! Me too actually.. being busy is one thing but suddenly I feel uninspired to write just about anything. Hopefully August will be wonderful for the both of us.
    Love, Mira |

    1. thanks :) hopefully we can get on top of our game again and be awesome!

  2. Oh very cute brushes dear~

  3. Artist Studio brushes shed like crazy!

  4. wah i didnt know that cream blushes are only good for a year. i've used mine for more than that haha. no bad reactions to it naman thankfully :)
    im also going to try the black leggings + boots look. i rarely wear pants so its a big deal for me. wala akong clue where to buy good quality boots nga lang hehe, any suggestions for me?

    1. good thing there's no bad reaction, I got a pimple just a mini one so I have to let go of it. I got mine in landmark department store only, australian ang brand niya and so far it's comfy. there was this time that forever 21 have lots of good looking boots, i hope they still sell them


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