August 16, 2014

Missha Bordeaux Absolute Body Butter

A sale can make you get things in an impulse and this is one of them.  I got Missha Bordeaux Absolute Body Butter when Missha Korea had a massive sale last December and I'm glad I did get this even if there's no review about it because in my opinion it is better than The Body Shop's!

On sale, I got this around P200 (that's less than $4) which is much cheaper than any other butter that I tried.  The consistency of this one is really like the spreadable butter from grocery stores: not to runny or jiggly or mushy with bits of solid.  But despite it's consistency this is non greasy (or maybe I just apply it right after I take a bath that my skin absorbs it well), it just moisturizes and gives the skin a thin layer of softness that is lovely to touch especially when I just shaved, hehehe.  The smell reminds me of Welsh grape juice not like wine, but that's okay.

I should have got another tub of this during the sale but I always get body butter from The Body Shop that I still have two left and wouldn't like to stock on another butter.

That's all!


  1. ohh the stuff sounds nice, and yeah I love the body butter as well haha I get it all the time

  2. Missha i love it!!!

  3. i dont think ive ever encountered a body butter in grapes flavor! you got a nice bargain here sis, if only most body butters are in this price range, id collect them all lol

    1. me too, how i wish the body shop would go crazy and take 70% off their body butters ahahahaha I'd go CRAZY!!!!

  4. The packaging looks interesting! I wish Missha in Indonesia would have this kind of sale too. Thanks for the review.



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